Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Player Has Streamed Over 14 Hours Of Gameplay

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have been leaking all over the place recently, but this latest one really takes the cake. Someone has been streaming it for over 14 hours over on Trovo. If you want to avoid any details, this is your first and only warning to look away.

As spotted by Insider Gaming, the streamer, going by the awful name of reeeetardkun, has been streaming for over 14 hours and is now challenging the Elite 4, one of three main story branches in Scarlet & Violet. So far, the gameplay confirms a few theories, such as the two cute mouse Pokemon actually being one 'mon.

I've never heard of Trovo, but at the time of writing the streamer has 2,200 people watching them. People just can't wait for that November 18 launch date for Pokemon it seems. Nintendo is known for being pretty quick to pull the legal trigger, so this streamer better hope its lawyers take mercy.

The streamer also appears to have the fully evolved form of Quaxly on their team, named Quaqaval. It's a rather stern-looking bird, standing on two legs with its arms crossed and some bright plumage. A far cry from the shy and adorable first-stage Pokemon we've seen. It resembles a peacock and sort of dances as it battles.

The framerate in the open-world sections of the game drop significantly, but there's a good chance this is an illicitly obtained version of the game without any patches installed, so this may not be what the final quality of the game is.

They ride Koraidon who leaps up a mountain, Skyrim horse style – and the streamer then does some auto-battling, sending their party 'mons out to fight wild Pokemon. The ridable Koraidon seamlessly transitions from running on the ground to gliding through the sky, showing movement looks quite easy.

The stream also shows Poke Centers that look almost like American gas stations, open-air but for a single kiosk that can be interacted with from the open-world without needing to go through a door or loading screen.

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