Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Reveal New Breeding Mechanic At Picnics

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet's new trailer arrived today and was loaded with 14 minutes of information, most of it being brand new. Something that was glossed over to an extent but has left some trainers with more questions than answers was a quick look at the games' new breeding mechanic.

The new mechanic is linked to picnics, something also being introduced for the first time via Scarlet & Violet. Picnics appear to have replaced camping, allowing trainers to let their Pokemon out of their Pokeballs to eat, play together, and generally let off some steam. However, before the trailer moves on to show a minigame in which the player makes a sandwich, they find an egg in their picnic basket.

The reaction from the narrator implies the egg wasn't an edible one the trainer packed with their scotch eggs and sausage rolls. It seems to have appeared there while their party of Pokemon was relaxing. One of them presumably decided to lay an egg and pop it in the basket. A pretty cool new mechanic considering until now, it wasn't clear whether Scarlet & Violet would include breeding at all.

The problem people dissecting the 14-minute trailer have with the appearance of an egg is the lack of explanation as to how it got there. The trailer didn't mention which Pokemon laid the egg, nor did it clarify whether the trainer will have any say in which Pokemon will breed during picnics. Not even a hint as to whether there will be methods you can put in place to up the likelihood of a Pokemon you want to lay an egg to be the one that leaves a surprise for you in the basket.

Other elements of Scarlet & Violet were showcased far more clearly during the trailer above. Girafarig's new evolved form Farigaraf was revealed, and it was confirmed at the very start of the trailer that EXP share will be a part of the new games. Trainers will also be able to make their own TMs using items they scavenge throughout the Paldea region.

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