Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Victory Road Glaseado Mount Walkthrough

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Maybe Glaseado Gym is the last one you'll reach. Maybe it isn't. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is designed to let us go where we want, be who we want to be — okay, you've probably seen the commercials, we don't need a play-by-play. The point is, Grusha is the toughest Gym Leader by level, so we recommend you fight him last.

If you do, you'll likely not need as much help as otherwise. Even so, we hope you'll get something good out of this guide. And if, for whatever reason, you're committed to going after Grusha earlier on, our suggestions on how to get there and what to prepare for should come in handy.

How To Get To Glaseado Mount

Somewhat amusingly, one of the easiest routes to Glaseado Mount will get you there moments ahead of a potential arrival at Montenevera Town. Montenevera's Gym Leader, Ryme, is actually the sixth one to tackle per Scarlet & Violet's leveling curve. There are other ways to reach Ryme, but then, there are other ways to reach Grusha, too. We just happen to think this one's the easiest.

From Medali Town, head east. If you don't know where that is, zoom in the West Province while browsing your map. Sure enough, you should see Medali near Area Three.

Your goal is Dalipaza Passage. This is the eastern trail out of Medali. Near the end of Dalipaza, the mountain ahead slopes upward to your left. Climb this, following its path as you ascend the mountain.

There are a handful of trainers to fight along the way, as well as several species of Pokemon you might not have encountered elsewhere, especially if this is your first visit to the northern limits of West Province.

After Dalipaza Passage, you'll be out in the cold and ready for a warm meal. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet's got meals in spades… everywhere except here at Glaseado Mount, which you'll find towering over a Pokemon Center up the nearby slopes. Eat a berry or something and prepare to meet Grusha.

Glaseado Mount Gym Test

To reference a completely different JRPG series, fans of Final Fantasy 7 will recall the moment the game suddenly dictated that we ride a snowboard down a mountain slope. It was more sudden than it is now, at least, since at this point in your Pokemon Scarlet & Violet journey, you ought to know to expect some odd Gym Tests. Still, it's a bit of a shock.

Cloud Strife had a snowboard, but we're Pokemon trainers, so we get to do this in style. You'll be riding your mount for the Glaseado Mount Gym Test, which adds a double meaning to the ordeal, intentional or otherwise. The controls can be somewhat tough to wrap one's head around at first, but the 90-second time limit to reach the goal is quite generous.

To back up that claim, we'll tell you that we made it a point to strike every sign on the way down, rather than the rainbow-looking lights between them that are your designated 'go here instead' areas. This slowed us down considerably, even in a game that makes a point of slowing down on the regular (sorry, we had to), and we still arrived some 40 seconds ahead.

That said, not everything in life is easy to everyone, and while we had no difficulty whatsoever here, your mileage may vary. The good news is, like all Gym Challenges, you get infinite tries. Little by little, you will get a feel for the ice.

Glaseado Mount Gym Leader: Grusha

Ice has long been a contentious type in the annals of Pokemon history. Well, 'contentious' might be pushing it, but it has a singular identity as the type many players want to attack with whilst avoiding actually owning an Ice-type Pokemon to do so with.

There's good reason for this. Ice resists only itself, making it the least resistant out of all 18 types. Furthermore, its weakness to Fire, Fighting, Rock, and Steel means some of the series' most powerful moves can obliterate it. Conversely, Ice is doubly effective against Dragon, Ground, Flying, and Grass-type Pokemon. The former two are prevalent enough to make 'have someone with Ice Beam on your team' a perennial refrain.

Our point with this prelude is simple: Grusha's Ice Pokemon hit hard, but you can hit them just as hard in return. This will be a fast-paced fight, and if you match his levels, you may suffer at least one knockout. One thing all four of Grusha's Pokemon have in common, however, is that none are especially fast. Let's use that to our advantage.

Altaria48Dragon/Flying (Tera Type Ice)

Skeledirge is just as slow, but an easy recommendation against Frosmoth and Altaria. The same applies to Ceruledge, Armarouge, or Arcanine if you didn't choose Fuecoco as your starter. Neither Frosmoth nor Altaria (even Terastallized) can do much against Fire-types, but Beartic has Earthquake and Cetitan has Liquidation, so be careful against them.

A strong Fighting-type partner, like Annihilape, need only be pulled back against Altaria, whose Flying side and Moonblast Fairy attack can prove lethal. Tinkaton, with its dual Steel/Fairy typing (Ice is weak to Steel as well!), has the potential to sweep Grusha clean if trained up to a high enough level.

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