Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Where To Find EXP Candies

Pokemon is all about raising your Pokemon so that they can become more powerful and take down any opponent that might appear in their way. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet lets you discover the open world of the Paldea Region which means that you might have to endure tougher dangers sooner than you'd think.

Since you get so much freedom to walk around the map, you might reach areas where you're underpowered and can easily be taken down. Getting yourself some Exp. Candy can be crucial here since it's a fast way to level up your Pokemon without having to grind through battles.

What Is Exp. Candy?

Exp. Candy is a type of candy that helps Pokemon level up. Unlike Rare Candy, it doesn't increase a Pokemon's entire level up until it reaches the next one; Exp. Candy gives a fixed amount of experience to the selected Pokemon. The bigger the size of the candy, the more XP it'll grant your Pokemon.

Candy SizeExperience It Grants
XS100 XP
S800 XP
M3,000 XP
L10,000 XP
XL30,000 XP

The Lucky Egg item increases its holder experience gain by 150%. Exp. Candy does not stack with the Lucky Egg; you will still receive the same amount of XP as you would normally.

Using an XL Exp. Candy on a low-level Pokemon can increase its level exponentially. However, using an XS Exp. Candy on a Level 99 Pokemon won't make much of a difference, in this case you're better off using a Rare Candy that'll automatically get it to Level 100. It's also all about analyzing each situation and deciding which makes more sense for each individual case.

How To Get Exp. Candy

There are only two ways to get Exp. Candy in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Unfortunately, it can get a bit grindy at times but it's definitely a faster way to level up your party without having to constantly battle high-level Pokemon.

  • If you enjoy exploring, you'll be happy to know that you can get Exp. Candy from Pokeballs that spawn in the overworld. As you walk around the Paldea region, you'll find Pokeballs scattered all over the place; they emit a faint glow that will make them stand out so you see them more clearly. It's impossible to tell what you'll find inside before picking it up so you can't really farm this method, it's all pure luck.
  • The other way to get Exp. Candy is much easier (and you definitely grind it). You can get considerable amounts of Exp. Candy by participating in Tera Raid Battles. Every time you complete a Tera Raid Battle you'll receive a ton of prizes. Exp. Candy will always be among these items. The higher the ranked the Raid Battle, the more XP the candy will grant.

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