Pokemon TCG – The 10 Most Valuable Cards From Sword & Shield: Silver Tempest

The Pokemon TCG has been on full throttle for the last few years. The card design seems to be finally catching up to the hype surrounding the game, and the game itself is evolving in an exciting way.

Between Pokemon TCG Live and Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, the excitement over the franchise is at an all-time high. The Silver Tempest set is also one of the best sets of all time, housing amazing cards. Here are the current most valuable ones you can find in Silver Tempest.

Prices are taken from tcgplayer.com and are subject to change.

10/10 Lugia VSTAR

  • Market Price: $22.53

Lugia VSTAR is quite potentially the strongest card released in recent memory. It has an incredible VSTAR Power with Summoning Star. The ability allows you to put up to two Normal-type Pokemon from the discard pile onto your bench, provided that they aren't Rule Box Pokemon.

Combined with Archeops (also from this set) and a strong Amazing Rare Pokemon that's normally hard to power up, Lugia VSTAR can cultivate an incredible deck. It's been taking names in competition and is sure to become a top deck without question. With that being the case, even the regular Lugia VSTAR becomes quite valuable.

9/10 Friends in Galar

  • Market Price: $22.77

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, we have Friends in Galar. This Trainer Gallery card is far from useful, drawing only three cards. This effect has already been used for several rival-like characters ranging from Cheren to Hop.

This effect does not cut it in higher levels of play, but somehow this card is still quite valuable. That's likely due to the incredibly drawn, adorable art depicting the Galar squad, including the protagonists, Bede, Hop, and Marnie.

8/10 Skuntank V (Alternate Full Art)

  • Market Price: $25.15

Skuntank is another card valued more due to its art and novelty, as opposed to how useful it really is. It's an alternate full art card, which tends to increase prices, but the art itself is really what makes Skuntank V special.

We see a family of Skuntank in their hole, with cute Stunky children. They peek out of their hole to potentially look for food and, up on the surface, see a Paras. Some cards are wanted just because they look lovely, and Skuntank V is proof of that.

7/10 Lugia VSTAR (Rainbow Foil Secret Rare)

  • Market Price: $38.32

Lugia VSTAR's impact in the current format has already been mentioned. This card is expected to outshine Arceus VSTAR decks, which have been oppressive for a while now. As with any card, rarer versions tend to be valued more.

This rainbow Secret Rare card looks stunning. We see Lugia in a very dynamic pose, and the rainbow foiling has been mastered over the last few sets by the Pokemon Company. While losing colors may be a problem for some, it is definitively more valuable than base Lugia VSTAR.

6/10 Lugia VSTAR (Gold Foil Secret Rare)

  • Market Price: $38.59

Speaking of rare versions of Lugia VSTAR, this gold Secret Rare is the current top dog(bird?) as far as prices go. The art style is also a bit of a middle ground, with gold foiling making it pop while also maintaining Lugia's iconic white and blue colors.

Gold rares have been some of the more sought-after cards in recent years, and that doesn't change with Silver Tempest. When a card as good as Lugia VSTAR looks so good, it immediately jumps in price.

5/10 Rayquaza VMAX

  • Market Price: $41.82

Rayquaza is another card on this list because of its striking looks instead of any strong effects. To be fair, its Azure Pulse ability can be useful in a pinch, and the move Max Burst can reach absurd damage thresholds. Unfortunately, neither are good enough to make Rayquaza a top pick in the current format, despite being a Rapid Strike Pokemon, which can usually benefit the card.

Despite that, Rayquaza VMAX has captured the hearts of many fans, thanks to how gorgeous it looks with Zynnia included as its trainer in the Trainer Gallery version. The colors and the atmosphere on this cardboard is stunning, for sure.

4/10 Serena (Full Art)

  • Market Price: $51.72

Full art Serena's worth is an interesting case. Despite being worth so much, one expects it to be even higher. Full Art Supporters are some of the most expensive cards you can find in the game, barring the occasional 20-year-old Charizard. Serena is also a pretty useful card in the format, acting as either a desperate draw Supporter or extra copies of Boss's Orders if necessary.

The card looks amazing with full, bright colors, depicting an iconic character in a cute pose. It's really useful in terms of game mechanics, too. The only thing keeping this card from being much more expensive is how new it is, meaning it's a prime investment target.

3/10 Unown V (Alternate Full Art)

  • Market Price: $53.66

Unown V almost feels like a joke or custom card at first glance. Its Shady Stamp attack is worthless, whereas Victory Symbol simply wins you the game if you have one Prize card remaining.

Its bigger form, Unown VSTAR, is also situationally good, while not great. The fantastic art is what makes Unown V so valuable, depicting several Unown flying around in what appears to be the Ruins Of Alph. The novelty of an Alternate Full Art card with a game-winning move on such a conventionally weak Pokemon is also quite alluring.

2/10 Regidrago V (Alternate Full Art)

  • Market Price: $55.28

Regşdrago V is more what you'd generally expect from a high-value card. Its alternate Full Art is absolutely stunning, depicting Regidrago resting next to some ruing with a Lugia seen far away in the sky. The card looks lovely, and legendary Pokemon always tend to be valued a bit higher than regular Pokemon.

While Regidrago V alone is not good by any means, its bigger form in Regidrago VSTAR is not bad at all in terms of usefulness. It's not the best deck in the Pokemon TCG, but it can work with the right support. Thus, Regidrago is both useful and gorgeous. Speaking of such cards…

1/10 Lugia V (Alternate Full Art)

  • Market Price: $234.49

Lugia V Alternate Full Art is quite likely one of the few cards that deserve every penny it's sold for. To begin with, it's a necessary card for the current format behemoth Lugia VSTAR decks, meaning it's not only for showing off in a binder.

What makes this even more expensive than the VSTAR form is the incredible art they put on it. We see a Lugia in the moment of a storm, atop a ship looking both awe-inspiring and terrifying. Few cards capture the vibe of a Pokemon so well, and Lugia V does so in spades.

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