Pokemon Unite Is Getting Glaceon, Buzzwole, And Tyranitar For Its Anniversary

Pokemon proved last year when it turned 25 that it knows how to celebrate an anniversary. One of the many games The Pokemon Company launched to mark the occasion was Pokemon Unite. It has almost been an entire year since Unite launched on Nintendo Switch, which means it now gets to celebrate its own anniversary for the first time, and it's doing it in style.

A trailer revealing what exactly Unite players can expect from the MOBA's first anniversary just dropped, and you can check it out below. Headlining the long list of announcements are the new Pokemon coming to the game. Six of them in total arriving between now and September, although the identities of the latter three have not been revealed at this point.

First up is Glaceon, further expanding the number of playable Eeveelutions available in Pokemon Unite. Glaceon's license will be available from July 21 and best of all, you won't need to pay for it, at least not to begin with. Glaceon can be unlocked from July 21 until August 14 by completing Unite's Glaceon missions. Buzzwole will be the next Pokemon added after Glaceon on August 4, and then Tyranitar 12 days later on August 16.

The three Pokemon coming to Unite throughout September might not have been revealed yet, but a brand new game mode can be seen in the trailer above. Boss Rush in which players are tasked with teaming up and taking on powerful versions of particular Pokemon. A little like raids in Pokemon Go. Completing boss rush matches will come with rewards, and there's still a competitive element involved as there will be rankings attached to it.

There's a whole lot more new information in the trailer above to digest, including the introduction of boost emblems that can be traded for energy rewards, and info on what will be included in season nine's battle pass. It's been a little quiet on the Unite front since Delphox was added last month. Clearly that was so Pokemon and TiMi could prepare for what is going to be a packed couple of months to celebrate the game turning one.

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