Pokemon’s Levi’s Line Is Available Now, And There’s A Lot To Like

Pokemon has teamed up with Levi’s and launched a very unique and extensive range of clothing to celebrate the franchise’s 25th anniversary.

Pokemon appears to have a lot of plans when it comes to celebrating the franchise’s 25th anniversary. The latest of those plans to go live is its collaboration with Levi’s. The Levi’s x Pokemon collection is available now in the UK and it features a lot of products with varying designs for a range of prices.

You can dress in double denim embossed with Pikachu and lightning bolts for £120, pick up a Jigglypuff beanie for £30, or best of all, grab the very questionable trucker jacket and matching jeans which you can check out below. The collection is limited edition so won’t be around forever, but there is no word on how long it will be around. Possibly just while stocks last.

Pokemon’s willingness to create a revenue stream out of just about anything is why it has become the highest-grossing media franchise of all time. It has already been a part of one clothing collaboration this year. Last month, it teamed up with Gucci to allow Pokemon Go players to dress exactly like their avatars via a new range of items it created virtually and physically.

Other Pokemon products released recently have been even stranger. It teamed up with Nestle in Taiwan to create Pokemon milk, released a line of Metapod sleeping bags last year, and also created a Gengar with a tongue long enough for its owner to sleep on. Not just by chance, that’s the one and only purpose of this bizarre Gengar product that we must have, but we don’t know why.

As for Pokemon’s 25th anniversary, there’s a lot in the pipeline. New Pokemon Snap is coming to Nintendo Switch this April, and a special line of classic Pokemon cards will be released to mark the occasion. Pokemon also seems keen to celebrate the occasion via song. Katy Perry will be performing a Pokemon-themed song at some point, and Post Malone will perform a virtual concert on Pokemon Day later this month.

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