Potion Permit: Annoying Bugs Quest Walkthrough

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Quests make the world go round in Potion Permit. You'll get quests for everything – unlocking new areas, making friends with people, even upgrading shops that you don't own! Some quests serve the purpose of unlocking new resources to gather.

Annoying Bugs is one such quest, and there are two good reasons to take it on. The first is that it unlocks the valuable Konjac plant, which is great for potion making, and the second is that it'll look very good when the Medical Association comes to check on your progress in Moonbury!

How To Start The Annoying Bugs Quest

First thing first, to start this quest, you will need to have unlocked the eastern half of Meadow Range. To do this, you'll have to complete Clearing the Landslide. For information on how to do this, check out our guide here!

Once you have access to all of Meadow Range, head to the very northern, central section. You should find a small alcove with what looks like three large flowers being overrun with bugs and webbing. You'll also find Forrest and Matheo here, and a cutscene will begin.

After agreeing to help out, you're tasked with finding someone who knows about bugs – maybe they'll be able to help identify the problem at hand.

How To Find Someone Who Knows About Bugs

The person you need to find for this quest is Victor – you may have met him before, he's the slightly creepy guy who talks to spirits and has a collection of pinned butterflies in his room.

If you've already met him, you'll be able to use your dog's NPC-finding function to lead you directly to him. Otherwise, you'll have to find him yourself.

Victor wanders around a lot, but you can very often find him in the graveyard in the evenings!

Once you chat to Victor, he'll tell you that the bugs infesting the plants are Frostmites. This knowledge gives you your next objective automatically!

How To Research Frostmites And Craft A Solution

This may very well be the first quest in the game that requires some research from you. First, go to your cottage – interact with the table just south of your bedroom, and you'll open up the research interface.

This mini-game is incredibly simple. You simply have to cycle through the elemental symbols for each icon in the magnifying glass until the game chimes, letting you know you've found a match. There's nothing more to it than that.

You'll find out that you need some Frostmite Repellant to get rid of the Annoying Bugs. Head over to your cauldron and make some – the image above depicts one possible solution that you can use right now. The materials are:

  • Daisy, the red flowers found in Meadow Range.
  • Jasmine, the white flowers found in Meadow Range.
  • Sticky Jelly, the green goop that drops from slain Green Blobs.
  • Bear's Claw, which drops from slain Honeypaws.
  • Black Fur, which drops from slain Blackpaws.

All of these items can be found in the first area of Meadow Range apart from the Black Fur. Blackpaws are only found in the far reaches of Meadow Range.

Getting Rid Of The Annoying Bugs

Once you have crafted the Frostmite Repellant, head back to the north of Meadow Range. Another cutscene will start when you approach the bugs, and you'll be rewarded with some healthy plants that you can begin farming every day.

These are Konjac, and they're great for potion crafting thanks to their four-tile shape. They're very sturdy, though, so consider upgrading your scythe soon to expedite the harvest.

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