PowerWash Simulator: All Power Washers, Ranked

Life simulation has always been one of the leading genres in the gaming industry. Some of the most well-known, mainstream franchises like Animal Crossing and The Sims – both of which have managed to become well-liked even by people who aren't even into video games – are life simulators. The genre offers unmatched versatility, because there are practically no limitations to what can be defined as 'life'. While there's no shortage of games that center on the more expected things, like Farming Simulator, there are several that focus on mundane, everyday jobs, and Powerwash Simulator falls into that category.

Launched in May 2021 on Steam, Powerwash Simulator has experienced overwhelming success. It might seem confusing, but when everyone wants everything to be oddly satisfying, what could possibly be a better fit? There's just something gratifying about cleaning up in a virtual world and these are the tools you need to do it.

4 Prime Vista 1500: Power Washing Starter Kit

Considering that it's the option given to you at the beginning of the game, it should come as no surprise that the Prime Vista 1500 is the weakest power washer in the game, although it's also the only one that doesn't cost you anything. The only Light Duty power washer, it's best-suited for beginner jobs, and it should definitely be cast aside in favor of a more expensive model ASAP.

It comes with four different nozzles attached by default, with each one specializing in a different sort of cleaning, depending on the model it's attached to. On the Prime Vista 1500, the white nozzle is best for grime and dirt streaks, the green nozzle is the best for moss, the yellow nozzle is the best for mold, and the red nozzle is the best for graffiti and rust. There are other add-ons like the Turbo nozzle, which helps to widen the spread, but that comes at the price of added unpredictability that new players may find frustrating, so use it at your own risk!

One of the very best things you can do for this power washer – and any other one in the game – is getting yourself a Long extension. This tool significantly improves the range (and thus the effectiveness) of your machine. It's so good, in fact, that it's not even worth investing in a Short extension at all.

3 Urban X U2: Moving On Up

As the only Medium Duty power washer in the game, Urban X U2 is a big step up from the Prime Vista 1500, but it's still not ready to take on some of the more difficult clean-ups. Most dirt types, however, are no match for this machine. It's able to easily cut through Surface and Encrusted layers, and put a dent in Embedded, Tough, and Stubborn ones. Its range and spread are both significantly better than its predecessor's, and it nets you a higher rating, too.

It can be purchased from the Shop for $900, so it should be accessible within just a couple of jobs, if you take your time and do things right. It's worth getting this one, even if your ultimate goal is to get to the Prime Vista PRO, because it will make the journey there significantly easier.

On the Urban X U2, the four default nozzles each have their own type of dirt that they're the most effective against. It's recommended to use the white nozzle for grime, dirt streaks, and moss, the green nozzle for mold, the yellow nozzle for graffiti, and the red nozzle for rust.

A Long extension and a Soap nozzle are great additions to this machine, extending its range and making it a lot more effective against all sorts of dirt.

2 Prime Vista 3000: Doing Double Duty

The Prime Vista 3000 is the Heavy Duty power washing machine. It covers a greater area than either of its predecessors, and it's easily the strongest of the three, netting a much higher rating than both the Urban X U2 and the Prime Vista 1500. Generally speaking, it's the best option out of the non-professional choices, though it's just as useless against Oily dirt type stains as the two cheaper machines.

The Prime Vista 3000 comes with four nozzles attached by default. For optimum effectiveness, use the white nozzle for grime, dirt streaks, moss, and mold, the green nozzle for graffiti, and the red nozzle for rust.

This machine is available for purchase in the Shop for $2000. It will probably require a bit of saving up, but it will be worth it, because you'll find that it makes getting to the Prime Vista PRO much easier when you're able to give a better performance at a job. Just don't forget to fit it with a Long extension and a Soap nozzle.

1 Prime Vista PRO: The Top Of The Line

The Prime Vista PRO is, as its name suggests, the one and only Professional Duty power washing machine. It trounces the Prime Vista 1500, the Urban X U2, and the Prime Vista 3000 in every category. It's also the only power washer that's actually good against Oily dirt types.

Four nozzles come with the Prime Vista PRO by default. On this machine, the green nozzle is effective enough to take off grime with ease, and what the green nozzle can't get rid of, the yellow nozzle can. The red nozzle is perfect for tough layers like Rust – though it requires a bit of finesse, and can easily be replaced by a Soap nozzle equipped with Metal Cleaner instead. The white nozzle is pretty good for taking care of Surface level dirt, but not too much else.

The best power washer in the game has a price tag that reflects its status, costing you $5000 from the shop. That's pretty steep, but it's worth it for the longevity of the game, since there's no comparison to the Prime Vista PRO when it comes to finishing a job and getting a good rating in the process.

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