Prison Architect: Clear For Transfer Announced, And It'll Be Free On PC

Prison Architect is expanding on PC next month, with the Clear for Transfer expansion arriving–for free–on May 14. The expansion will give players more control over their prisons and “assign privileges to a security sector,” according to the press release. It will also introduce new customization options.

The expansion is based on player feedback, and is focused on giving players new ways to manage inmates and tailor their prison’s security.

Here are the key features listed by Paradox:

  • Prisoner Transfers: Prisoners can now transfer between security sectors of your prison. Requirements for transfer to a lower-security sector are entirely up to you.
  • Special Privileges: Privileges can be assigned based on the security sector, giving your prisoners a motivation to transfer. Prisoners in high security areas are able to see the privileges given to lower security sectors.
  • Room Grading: You can now grade other rooms, such as yards, classrooms, common rooms, and a new gymnasium.
  • Custom Security Sectors: Create areas with custom security sectors that can include prisoners from different security levels.
  • New Actions and Enhancements: You can initiate actions like shakedowns, tunnel searches, and lockdowns by security sector.

Furthermore, Paradox has acquired the publishing rights to the console versions of the game on PS4, Switch, and Xbox One going forward. This means that all future expansions will come to consoles at around the same time as they come to PC–although console players will have to wait longer to delve into Clear for Transfer.

This suggests, of course, that more content will continue to come to Prison Architect in the future, so fans of the game–first released in 2015–have plenty to look forward to.

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