Prison Architect: Going Green Grows The Game Into A Farming Sim

Prison Architect is a quirky simulation game in which you’re in charge of building and maintaining your very own prison. That’s great and all, but can you harness solar and wind power to grow potatoes and pretty flowers?

Well, before yesterday the answer would’ve been a resounding “Of course not,” but now with the new Going Green expansion for Prison Architect, that oddly specific wish has been granted! The adorable new announcement trailer gives us a taste of what to expect:

This new DLC will be giving the five-year-old simulation game a fresh twist, by letting your prisoners grow a wide array of fresh produce and flowers. The Farming feature – a new type of Prison Labor – will let you grow potatoes, wheat, apples and more, which can either be exported or used as ingredients for inmate meals.

New buildings and outdoor rooms will be available, including Sheds, Pantries, a Fruit Orchard and Vegetable Allotment. To further serve you in constructing your own fully-functioning (and super eco-friendly) prison-based farm, you’ll also have access to Solar, Wind, and Solar-Wind Hybrid power sources. Any excess power created by these methods can even be sold back to the grid using the Power Export Meter.

Not only will the environment thank you, but your own inmates will too – gardening recreationally acts as a positive recreation activity. But some inmates might opt for the less endearing route (or shall we say, root) by secretly growing contraband herbs in the fields or brewing their own Booze from ingredients found in the kitchen. Farming Fields can even become Gang Turf, so your guards best be, well, on guard.

And if this ain’t enough, there is also a free content update – The Glasshouse – being released which all Prison Architect players will have access to. It brings new objects, Recycling Systems to help make your prison more sustainable, more intuitive menus, and two K9 units, Shepherd and Bowtie Bandit!

Prison Architect: Going Green is coming to both PC and console on January 28, 2021.

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