Project Xandata Will Be Free To Play On Release, EU Open Beta Now Live

Project Xandata is hosting a free open beta, but only if you live in the EU.

Ready for another hero shooter? Of course you are. Except this time, the hero is you. In Project Xandata, you play as a Mega Man-style sci-fi character in a PvP arena shooter with tons of influence from classic Bungie games like Halo and Destiny.

Project Xendata might seem new, but the game has actually been in development for half a decade already. We got our first look back at ESGS 2016, with a closed beta test following that in 2017. Since then, Philippino developer Secret 6 has been hard at work retooling the game and figuring out how to compete in a pretty saturated hero shooter market.

Their plan? Go free-to-play and host an open beta for residents of the EU. Which makes about as much sense as anything else in 2020 so far.

The game will likely feature a lot of cosmetic microtransactions as players are able to customize their weapons and armor. There are three classes with two elemental affinities for each class which determine your special abilities. There are four game modes currently, including Skirmish, Control, Annihilation, and Corruption, and just two maps (although more of both are expected to come along later).

We don’t have an official release date for Project Xandata, but we do know it’ll release on Steam when it does come out. If you live in the EU, you can sign up on the Project Xandata website here to download the game client.

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