PS Plus Premium Trials Range From 2-5 Hours

PlayStation's new PS Plus is now live in certain parts of Asia which means new details about what it includes and how it works are being revealed all the time. From the good stuff, which includes visual enhancements for classic games, to the not-so-good stuff like discounts for stacked subscriptions being reversed. The latest information regarding the length of the Premium tier's trials most definitely falls into the former category.

Other than the library of games from consoles older than the PS4, one of the biggest selling points of PS Plus Premium is its trials. The ability to try out new games for a limited amount of time before you buy them. Since the trials were stated to last at least two hours when first revealed, it was assumed that would be the limit for most games. However, some of the first trials offered up through Premium are five hours long.

This new information comes from PS Vortex (via VGC) on Twitter who has shared screenshots from the Hong Kong PS Store detailing how long some of the first Premium trials last. While subscribers will be able to take games like WWE 2K22 and Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves for a spin for the aforementioned two hours, other titles like Cyberpunk 2077 and Horizon Forbidden West can be trialed for five hours before players will need to decide if they want to fork out for the whole game.

Since Cyberpunk and Forbidden West are far more in-depth than the other titles mentioned, it makes sense that they would have longer trials. Two hours with Aloy in her recent sequel probably wouldn't be enough to decide whether you want to pay for the whole game and continue her journey. It has also been confirmed by Sony that any progress you make in the trials, including trophies unlocked, will transfer over if you decide to buy the full game.

The finer details about the new PS Plus will continue to filter through in the coming days, ready for when the service launches in other parts of the world throughout June. On top of everything already mentioned above, this week we have also learned trophy support for classic games is up to the individual developers, and the full list of classic games available through Premium in South Korea. While that list may vary in different regions, it's a good indicator of what titles will be available to you should you opt for the highest tier when the time comes.

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