PS4 free games: Best downloads to claim before November PS Plus 2019 reveal

There’s a lot of choice on the PSN right now for PS4 gamers looking for a new free download.

And some have even been updated with exclusive PS Plus packs that can be claimed right now.

So it’s worth checking out which PS4 free games might be worth a look and have their own exclusive rewards bundles, before Sony’s next big announcements.

As usual, the new PS Plus games for November 2019 are expected to be revealed on the last Wednesday of the month.

But there’s still plenty of time before these new games will be available download next month, making it worth your while checking out some of the free-to-play alternatives.

And it just so happens that there are F2P titles available to download today that also boast special exclusive PlayStation Plus bundles.

These “PS Plus Packs” are released for games that mostly don’t require the multiplayer subscription to play.

They’re used as a bonus for fans who have a PlayStation Plus membership that can’t be used with the game they are currently playing.

And the good news is that while the monthly PS Plus games disappear when you end your subscription, these reward packs are yours forever.

Dauntless has proven a big success since it launched across platforms earlier in 2019. The free-to-play monster hunting game offers full crossplay support and already has two PS Plus packs to its name.

This includes the recently released Royal Steel Weapon pack, which consists of a long list of exclusive Royal Steel weapon skins.

On top of that, gamers will also receive a Combat Essentials Supply Bundle and 50 Ace Chips. Dauntless also boasts the free PS Plus Model P Weapon Pack, which adds the following skins:

The Ostian Chain Blades (Model P), Ostian Repeaters (Model P), Ostian Falchion (Model P), Ostian War Axe (Model P), Ostian War Hammer (Model P), and the Ostian War Pike (Model P).

Genesis was recently released as a free PS4 game on the PSN and currently offers one free pack on the PlayStation Store.

The game development by Rampage Games is another unique choice on the PlayStation platform as it looks to make MOBAs popular on consoles before League of Legends Wild Rift arrives.

The Genesis PS Plus Pack contains a Decal Flag used for cosmetics purposes only, and won’t provide any gameplay advantage.

This remains the sole PS Plus reward available to download for Genesis, but there’s a good chance of more being announced in the future. Path of Exile is another free game that arrived on the PS4 this year, following success on Steam and Xbox One.

The action RPG only needs around 10GB of space on a base PlayStation console and currently offers three PlayStation Store packs to claim.

“Earn devastating skills and valuable items as you fight your way through the dark continent of Wraeclast,” the official game description reads.

“With unrivalled character customisation, Path of Exile is an award-winning online Action RPG created by hardcore gamers, for hardcore gamers.”

Path of Exile is a little different from the other games on the list as this one does require a PlayStation Plus membership for multiplayer play.

The PlayStation Store page lists this as a warning, with the following free packs available:

  • The Ghostflame Skull and a Mystic Pet Pack.
  • The Arctic Skull and Ice Frog Pet Pack.
  • The Infernal Skull helmet skin and Fire Frog pet pack.

And who in their right mind is going to try and take you down when you have TWO pet frogs in your entourage? On top of these PS Plus deals is the free games for October, which will be available until November 5.

The Last of Remastered and MLB The Show 19 will be replaced on that date by whatever new titles are announced by Sony on Wednesday, October 30.

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