PS4 game fans treated to amazing new Crash Bandicoot level, made in PlayStation’s Dreams

Crash Bandicoot fans waited a good few years to see the original trilogy remade for the PS4 and released as the N.Sane Trilogy.

And now some bloke has come along and put them all to shame with a hyper-realistic looking new Crash Bandicoot level made in Dreams.

Yes, that’s right, Dreams! The PlayStation exclusive from Media Molecule (LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway) that allows users to create, play and share their own games and interactive experiences.

PS4 user Milbox has created the new level – dubbed ‘Crash Return to the 10th Dimension’ – and pretty much nails the whole Crash Bandicoot experience.

From the platforming areas, the jumping, the spin attack. It just works effortlessly and looks the part in almost every detail.

There are even some boss battles thrown in for good measure.

If you want to see the Crash Bandicoot creation in action you can watch it all in a 15-minute YouTube clip just below on the Beyond Dreams channel.

Whilst we have you, we’ll take a punt on the fact you probably like Crash Bandicoot quite a bit. 

Well, how would you like a free dynamic PlayStation 4 theme to brighten up your PS4 home screen?

Right now you can grab yourself a Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled dynamic theme on the PlayStation store. This is available to users in both North America and Europe.

Cheers to PushSquare for the find.

The new theme is named ‘The Race Is On’ and plays the theme music from the recent Beenox remake.

We’d be lying if we said it was our favourite dynamic theme available to PS4 users, but if you happen to love the big orange fuzzball, you’ll no doubt be over the moon with your free download.

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