PS4 games shock: Microsoft boost as HUGE PlayStation exclusive ‘crossing over’

PS4 games list has been delivered a surprise update with rumours one of the biggest PlayStation exclusives could be getting an unexpected port. The PS4 has been the best selling console of this generation, selling over 106million units. The huge success of the PS4 has made it the best selling console of the past decade and the second best selling home console of all time.

It remains to be seen how close the PS4 will get to its elder sibling, the PS2, when its life cycle comes to an end.

There are many reasons behind the PS4’s success, but arguably the biggest reasons is its huge selection of exclusive games.

From God of War, to Marvel’s Spider-Man, to Bloodborne, to Horizon Zero Dawn, to Gran Turismo Sport, to Uncharted 4 – the list goes on and on.

There’s something for everyone on the PS4, and its impressive selection of exclusive games is highlighted by the release schedule this year.


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Three of the biggest games of 2020 are all PS4 exclusives.

These titles are the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima.

This year undoubtedly will be a great time to be a PS4 gamer, but as 2020 gets underway PlayStation fans have been handed some unexpected news which some may not be best pleased with.

A recent job listing has sparked speculation that one of, if not the, biggest PS4 exclusive could be getting a surprise PC port.

And that title is the Last of Us 2, with a Naughty Job advert sparking this speculation.

The Uncharted and Last of Us makers are looking for a graphics programmer that has “thorough understanding of current GPU architectures”.


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The job listing then goes onto highlights hardware manufacturers AMD and Nvidia.

The required candidate also needs experience with DirectX12, which is key to game programming on Microsoft’s Windows platform.

While it’s too early to start saving for those Last of Us 2 PC pre-orders, the job listing is certainly eye-catching.

And it comes amid what looks to be a shifting strategy from Sony in terms of exclusives.

At the moment PC gamers can get a number of titles that previously were PlayStation exclusives on the Windows platform.

PlayStation exclusives Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human all appeared on PCs in 2019.

While this year Death Stranding is also set to make its PC debut.

These games were all former PlayStation exclusives but were made by independent studios.

What is interesting though is this year a PS4 exclusive from a Sony-owned studio is rumoured to be coming to PCs.

That title is Horizon Zero Dawn, which is made by Guerrilla Games who Sony purchased back in 2005.

And those games aren’t the only PlayStation exclusives that are set to appear on other formats.

Sony has already confirmed that its MLB The Show series will be making an appearance on Nintendo and Microsoft consoles in the future.

After more than two decades as a PlayStation exclusive, the MLB baseball games will be appearing on rival consoles by 2021 at the earliest.

All of this adds up to what appears to be a shifting exclusive strategy as we approach the next-gen of gaming.

Which could add fuel to the fire of these new, and surprising, Last of Us 2 rumours.

If Horizon Zero Dawn is indeed coming to PCs then it may be awhile till Last of Us 2 does appear on PCs.

Horizon was released back in February 2017, which means the rumoured PC launch would be coming three years after the PS4 release.

Which in turn could mean that, if a Last of Us 2 PC version is on the cards, then it won’t be a reality for a few more years.

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