PS4 games update: Bad news for Sony PlayStation fans about THIS exclusive

PS4 games news today includes a blow for fans looking forward to one of the biggest Sony PlayStation exclusive that’s on the horizon.

The PS4 has been the biggest selling console of this generation, and that’s arguably down to its extensive list of exclusives.

From God of War, to Horizon Zero Dawn, to Uncharted 4, to Persona 5, to Bloodborne – there are so many great PS4 exclusives out now.

And there are plenty more on the horizon, with Last of Us 2, Death Stranding and the Final Fantasy 7 Remake all games PS4 fans can look forward to.

But PS4 gamers hoping for a 2019 release for one upcoming exclusive have been dealt a blow.

Recently an alleged leaked document that emerged on Reddit got PS4 gamers excited about a possible release for Ghost of Tsushima this year.

It was claimed the document was leaked from a Sony stakeholders meeting and it said Ghost of Tsushima would be out by the end of 2019.

However, fans hoping this leak is true and Ghost of Tsushima could get a surprise launch this year have been dealt a blow.

As revealed in a post by SegmentNext, the leaked document appears to be fake – which would seemingly rule out a 2019 release.

While this may come as a blow to fans of Sucker Punch’s next title, the good news is they may not have that much longer to wait.

According to Koktaku’s Jason Schreier, Ghost of Tsushima looks set for a release in the first half of 2020.

Speaking ahead of E3 2019, Schreier said his sources had indicated the Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Cyberpunk 2077 would also be released then.

These release dates were later confirmed during E3, with the FF7 Remake out in March 2020 and Cyberpunk getting released in April 2020.

On Twitter Schreiber was asked: “So we could possibly be getting (at least) Cyberpunk, TLOU2, Ghost of Tsushima, GRR Martin Fromsoft game, 1-2 Ubisoft AAA games and FF7 Remake part 1 in 1st half of next year?”

And he replied: “Based on what I’ve heard, yes to all of those. 2020 gonna be wild.”

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