PS5 Accounts For 72% Of Next-Gen Pre-Orders

According to a study from market research company VGM, 72% of US players who have pre-ordered a next-gen console have mainly chosen the disc edition of the PS5. Meanwhile, 29% of respondents said they were unable to successfully place a next-gen console preorder.

The study, conducted from September 23 to 25, surveyed 511 US-based gamers. Of these, 15% said they had successfully pre-ordered a next-generation console. Within this group, 72% opted for the disc edition of the PS5, 30% chose the Xbox Series X, 10% the PS5 digital edition, and 8% the Xbox Series S.

Of the 29% of respondents who were unable to place a pre-order on a next-gen console, 58% were attempting to pre-order a PS5 disc edition, 40% an Xbox Series X, 21% a digital edition of the PS5, and 11% an Xbox Series S.

The sample was divided into three categories: casual, midcore, and hardcore gamers. Of those who considered themselves hardcore gamers, 28% said they were able to pre-order a next-gen console, while 42% said they were unable to do so.

In addition, many respondents were motivated by next-gen game offerings. 52% of respondents who have pre-ordered a PS5, or who plan on buying one this year, said that Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales persuaded them to do so, followed by God of War: Ragnarok at 42% and Final Fantasy 16 at 32%.

For the Xbox Series X and S, 45% of respondents who pre-ordered or intended to buy a next-gen console in 2020 said Halo Infinite motivated their purchase decision, followed by Fable at 26% and Forza Motorsport 8 with 24%.

In terms of non-exclusive titles, 45% of respondents who have pre-ordered or planned to purchase either next-gen consoles said Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War motivated their decision, followed by Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla at 31%.

As for who’s winning the console war, according to data from SimilarWeb, visits to and were relatively the same in the lead-up to each brand’s pre-order launch dates, yet traffic to PlayStation‘s site peaked at roughly 892,000 on September 16 when Sony began taking preorders for the PS5. In comparison, Xbox‘s site peaked at an estimated 776,200 visits on its preorder launch on September 22.

Perhaps Microsoft will be able to turn the tides with strong exclusives since that seems to be the biggest driving factor for these sales. Xbox’s acquisition of Bethesda could mean The Elder Scrolls 6 and other future Bethesda games could be exclusive to Xbox Series X, and then you can factor in the value of Game Pass, which might be enough to tempt people over.

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