PS5 Amazon UK stock update as Tesco and ShopTo get more consoles

John Lewis has already sold out of its restock of the PS5 but Amazon UK is still on track to get its consoles Tuesday or Wednesday. is still on course to get 10,000 new PlayStation 5 consoles to sell this week, with stock trackers confident they’ll become available either Tuesday, May 18 or Wednesday, May 19.

The standard version of the console may be the only one available at first though, with the cheaper digital edition, which does not have a disc drive, arriving slightly later.

The restock is expected to be the biggest so far this year for Amazon but other retailers haven’t been as lucky, with John Lewis today selling out in minutes, in what turned out to be a disappointingly small restock.

ShopTo also got stock in today but that only ended up crashing the website, so it’s impossible to tell, at time of writing, whether they still have any left.

Tesco is also expected to get more consoles in this week, but its allocation is described as ‘small’. There’s also no indication of what day it will be available, so it may just be down to luck whether you get one or not from them.

There’s also bad news at toy shop Smyths, who had also been due to get stock in this week but has now said it’s not expected until the first week of June.

However, they’ve been overly pessimistic before, so it may arrive earlier than that – even if it’s not this week anymore.

Although new drops of PlayStation 5 stock are becoming more common Sony has warned that it may be well into next year before they are anything close to freely available.

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