PS5 and Xbox Scarlett games boost: Sony and Microsoft avoid making THIS foolish error

Microsoft and Sony have been praised for the decision to stick with physical media for the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.

Both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett next-gen consoles are expected to launch in 2020.

Firm release dates are yet to be revealed, although we know that the Xbox Scarlett will launch during the holiday season later in the year.

But despite ongoing rumours that the consoles would ditch physical media in favour of a download only approach, it looks like Microsoft and Sony will continue to release boxed games for the foreseeable future.

Needless to say, this has gone down well with US retailer Gamestop, whose chief customer officer Frank Hamlin told Gamespot that not giving fans the choice would have been foolish.

“I think both Microsoft and Sony are keenly aware that the consumer needs that optionality,” he said.

“We’re very much a believer in helping our customers sell them a physical game when they want it.”

Hamlin compares physical media with collectables, telling the site that boxed games are important for certain games.

“It’s much like a collectable,” Hamlin continues. “They like the collectibility and trophy on the shelf.

“That tangibility is something that’s extremely important for the right game experience. Not giving the customers the privilege of having that is something I think both Sony and Microsoft are aware would be a foolish thing to do.”

Despite Hamlin’s comments, there’s still a chance that Microsoft and Sony will also release disc-free next-gen consoles that are powered by the cloud.

Microsoft, in particular, is making lots of noise about its xCloud service, which will allow for streaming across multiple devices.

It was recently revealed that the PS5 will support 8K resolution, ray-tracing and have much faster loading times.

The speedy (or non-existent) loading times are possible thanks to the specialised solid-state drive, which will make a huge difference to processing speeds.

In Spider-Man on a PS4 Pro, for example, it can take upwards of 15 seconds to fast travel from one location to another. The PS5, on the other hand, will be able to handle the same task in less than a second.

Worlds can also be rendered at far greater speeds, which should inject more pace into games.

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