PS5 Has A Play Time Counter That Includes Games You Played On PS4

The PS5 has a play time counter that also includes how long you’ve spent playing games on PS4.

As more and more people get their hands on next-gen consoles before release day, information about them continues to make it out into the world. Big details like reviews of Spider-Man: Miles Morales on PS5, to smaller but still important elements like a comparison between the load times between the Series X and the PS5. FYI, it would appear that the Xbox has the edge, at least for now.

Since the two consoles are so similar for the most part, especially to casual gamers, it could be the smaller details that persuade someone to pick one over the other. The accessibility of each console’s user interface, for example, something that has been touted by both companies during the build to release day.

One of the newest details to have surfaced is the ability to access play time information on the PS5. Those of you who have a Nintendo Switch might well be familiar with this feature. Accessing your profile on Switch allows players to see which games they play the most, and how many hours they’ve played each title, rounded to the closest multiple of five. PlayStation has adopted that feature and improved upon it.

The PS5’s play time counters are a lot more accurate than the ones that can be found on Switch. The times also appear to update a lot quicker than they do on Switch. Best of all, it turns out PlayStation has been retroactively keeping tabs on how much we play certain games. Providing you keep the same PSN account when jumping into the next generation, the play times for all of your PS4 games will also be included in this feature.

PlayStation has sporadically offered players the opportunity to see which game they played most during a calendar year, so it was known that tabs were being kept on play times. Allowing players access to that info is a simple yet effective way to appeal to people. It might not convince someone to forgo a Series X in favor of a PS5, but we like the feature and will be checking on it often to make sure we don’t play Fortnite too much.

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