PS5 leak or new PlayStation handheld? New Sony patent teases Switch rival

Another week, another strange PlayStation leak for fans to ponder.

Whilst most of the attention for PS4 owners might be on the state of Sony's new PS5 console, a new leaked patent suggests the company could be working on something else behind the scenes.

Dutch tech website, LetsGoDigital , has been at the forefront of several prominent PS5 discoveries this past year and today's latest revelation is no different.

The site has today announced the discovery of a new patent for what they're suggesting is a "Sony PlayStation cartridge".

"At the end of June 2019, Sony Interactive Entertainment filed a patent with the INPI (Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial) in Brazil," LetsGoDigital explains.

"The design patent entitled "Configuration applied to / in data recording and storage equipment" was published on November 5, 2019. Remarkably, the Developers Kit of the Sony PlayStation 5 was patented by the same body."

"The application is internationally categorized as Class 14.99, with the description 'Miscellaneous', or 'Miscellaneous'. In Japan, however, this classification is described as 'Electronic game accessories'."

"Yujin Morisawa is the inventor of the new product, this is the senior art director of Sony Interactive Entertainment. Morisawa is responsible for all products associated with the PlayStation brand. Partly for this reason, it seems likely that Sony is developing this device for a new PlayStation product."

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As you can see from the above image, the aforementioned patent illustration appears to show a game cartridge.

Some fans might recall that last year another game cartridge patent had some tech sites suggesting the PS5 could be run on a cartridge and not disc.

In the end, the patent was discovered to be a piece of tech-related to the Sony Toio, an interactive game for children.

However, this latest patent and discovery from LetsGoDigital appears to be a brand new product in itself.

We doubt this is related to the PS5, but could it be that Sony are once again looking at the handheld market?

We know that Sony has typically used cartridges when developing it's handheld products, but in more recent years it had been suggested that Sony wasn't interested in the handheld market.

Instead more emphasis was placed on things like Playlink and mobile games.

But even by Sony's standards, these haven't set the world alight, and as Nintendo has shown, there's certainly a healthy market for handheld consoles in 2019.

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Ironically this comes in the same week in which Sony's biggest PS Vita advocate has left the company.

Gio Corsi, widely seen as Sony's most vocal representative of PlayStation's second handheld, announced his departure this week.

Taking to Twitter, Gio told followers:

"A hearty thank you to all the great devs, pubs, partners, friends & fans who made my time at PlayStation so memorable — so many cool moments. From all the titles, to all the shows, as I said, it was a hell of a ride! Thanks for it all and long live the Vita!"

Though Corsi was Senior Director of Third Party Production and Developer Relations for five years, he was more widely known as the face of PS Vita announcements at various PlayStation events, like PSX.

Corsi couldn't have left just as Sony was due to embark on another handheld revolution… could he?

Only time will tell, but we'd certainly not say no to another portable PlayStation in the future.

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