PS5 price BOOST and big exclusives hint dropped by Sony? PlayStation 5 release date news

PS5 news has been coming in thick and fast this year, with Sony confirming a number of big details about the PS4 successor.

It’s been revealed that the PS5 will be out by holiday 2020, will as expected be called the PlayStation 5 and be backwards compatible with the PS4.

Sony has also confirmed specs for the PS5, announcing that it will be capable of 8K visuals ray tracing graphics.

There is still plenty of details to be announced, with Sony rumoured to be holding a PlayStation Meeting event in February where all will be revealed.

One highly anticipated detail is surely the PS5 price – which will surely be a major factor in whether many PS4 fans upgrade on day one or not.

And Sony has given an encouraging hint about the PS5 price ahead of an official announcement.

The PlayStation maker’s chief financial officer Hiroki Totoki has talked about the upcoming launch of the PS5.

And Totoki-san said Sony were looking at listing the PS5 with an “acceptable” price on release date, Twinfinite reported in a post online.

He said Sony is “analysing the cost, the acceptable price in the market, and platform penetration” for the PS5.

Totoki-san added that Sony is also “very conscious of the level of profit for investors and for the marketplace.”

The Sony bigwig also hinted at further studio acquisitions, which would lead to even more PlayStation exclusives.

Totoki-san said Sony will “continue to pursue growth investment opportunities that will enhance its content IP”.

Analysts previously predicted that the PS5 could launch at $399 or $499, with the higher price point the more popular prediction.

There are also rumours that the PS5 could launch with multiple SKUs, with one model akin to the base PS4 and another the PS5 equivalent of the Pro.

As PS5 rumours circulate one developer has added fuel to the fire about games that could be heading to the console.

Remake specialists Bluepoint Games have teased that they have not one, but two games in the works.

And the tease could hint at remakes for popular and iconic PlayStation titles.

A tweet from Bluepoint appears to be hinting at remakes of Metal Gear Solid, Demon’s Souls, Syphon Filter or Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

The tweet posted on Halloween said: “So calm this spooky night.

“A symphony of rumors – not one, but two – return from shadow.

“A resistance to dart home as black monsters escape twisted hills to wander lands and syphon souls.

“Filter your candy collections, soft from solid, and be eco-friendly.

“Have a metal Halloween.”

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