PS5 sold out at Currys PC World and John Lewis – more stock unlikely this week

Two more of the UK’s biggest retailers have sold out of the PS5, which means the best chances of getting one this week are over.

Almost every major British store got in new stock of the PlayStation 5 this week but, predictably, none of it lasted for more than a few minutes and it now seems to have all gone.

John Lewis sold out this morning and while it’s a bit difficult to tell what happened at Currys PC World, because they appear to have released the stock at an unhelpfully early 6am (although that’s still not as bad as Argos), the console isn’t even currently listed on their website.

The Currys PC World virtual assistant is suggesting that there are no PlayStation 5 consoles available to buy today, so that seems to be that.

This means it’s now probably unlikely that any more major stock drops will happen this week, although Argos releases most of its locally and there have been reports of some being available today in some regions of the UK.

ShopTo also seemed to get some in yesterday, so there’s also a chance that smaller retailers could get in stock later today and tomorrow, if you’re lucky enough to catch it.

BT/EE may also have stock left if you’re a customer, as they’ve always proved very reliable in the past.

More stock should arrive in the UK within the next couple of weeks and the best thing to do in the meantime is to make use of sites such as Stock Informer and Twitter accounts such as PS5 UK Stock – Instant Updates and UK PS5 & XBOX SERIES X/S STOCK ALERTS, which also have their own Discord channels and other resources.

As to when stock shortages might final be over AMD, who makes chips for both next gen consoles, has warned it might not be until the autumn.

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