PS5 video gives incredible look at how new PlayStation could improve on the PS4

Several big PlayStations leaks have given Sony fans a glimpse of how the new console could revolutionise the existing PS4 console.

But now a new PS5 concept video has given an even more tantalising look at the many ways in which Sony's next-gen console could improve on PS4.

Which is no tall order given Sony have sold upward of 100+ Million PlayStation 4's to date.

Regardless, European retail chain MediaMarkt Saturn has pulled together a fairly convincing-looking concept that ticks a lot of the right boxes (thanks, LetsGoDigital ).

In fact, the end result is close to bordering on ' Shut up and take my money' meme territory.

As you might imagine, the render hasn't changed the core console shape all that much, even if the main casing is a bit more rounded on the edges than usual.

Whilst we might have seen what the PlayStation 5 dev kit looks like already (Hint: a rubbish Star Trek craft) it's almost nailed on that the finished product will be a safer, squarer frame similar to the one seen in the video above.

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Despite a lot of talk about Backwards Compatibility for the PS5, we'll be very surprised if the next PlayStation does manage to be Backwards Compatible with ALL PlayStation games and systems.

It feels more pipedream in truth and we can envisage Sony instead going down the route of making older games available on digital storefronts like PS Now.

Then again, this is a lofty unofficial concept video, so why not swing for the fences with some features.

Sony revealed some months back that the PS5 will have a holiday 2020 release, going toe to toe in a fight with Microsoft's new Xbox Scarlett console.

How much would you pay for the PS5?


Both PlayStation and Xbox are yet to detail how much these new next-gen consoles could cost.

But there are quite a few suggestions that the companies will be looking to keep costs low to onboard as many new players as possible at launch.

It's possible that Microsoft could unveil some Information today in London at the X019 event.

As for Sony, it's believed that the console will be officially unveiled February 2020, followed by showcases throughout the year as we countdown to launch.

This would make sense and from memory, the PS4 was unveiled by the company in February 2013 before a holiday release.

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