PSN DOWN: PlayStation Network offline, PS4 gamers hit with WS-37505-0 error message

PSN down reports are flooding in with thousands of PS4 gamers saying they’re experiencing issues with the PlayStation Network.

Independent outage monitor Down Detector has received a surge of PSN down reports today from around the world.

Out of those affected the majority of PSN users are experiencing sign-in issues with reports of a WS-37505-0 error message being displayed.

The Down Detector outage map says the PSN down issues are mainly affecting gamers in the UK, Europe and parts of the US and Japan.

As the PSN down issues hit PS4 fans took to Twitter to report issues with the PlayStation Network.

One PS4 gamer tweeted: “PSN down?”

Another posted: “Is psn down?”

One added: “PSN DOWN”.

And one wrote: “@AskPS_UK All your PSN services are down for me and my friends.”

The Ask PlayStation Twitter has been busy responding to PS4 fans who have been hit by server issues today.

As they mentioned to a number of PlayStation fans the official PSN Network Service Status page says “all services are up and running”.

But the PlayStation team are “looking into reports” of issues with the service.

In a message to one PS4 fan the Ask PlayStation UK Twitter said: “There’s some fresh reports of players having troubles with parties and online play but our network is showing the all green so far:“

At the time of writing Down Detector has registered a peak of over 2,600 reports of PSN down.

Out of those affected some 50 per cent are having issues signing in to PSN.

While 36 per cent of those affected are having problems with online gameplay and 13 per cent are having issues with the PlayStation Store.

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