PUBG Karakin map release date: Update 6.1 coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC in January

Battle Royale fans – brace yourselves. PUBG is set to release a new map very soon.

The new arena, which will give players a whole new setting to off each other in as they desperately fight for survival in the unforgiving game, is called Karakin.

In some ways, the desert-based map looks quite similar to Miramar, but it stands to reason that the developer is going to want to change things up a bit if it's going to the trouble of launching a whole new map in the game.

The incoming 2×2 map that is sure to bring intense and fast-paced combat right from the drop – it looks like PUBG Corp. has learned its lesson since Miramar was criticised for being too big.

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PUBG Karakin – Release Date

Karakin will go live on consoles and PC on January 22nd.

As per a press release from PUBG Corp.:

"[Karakin] will be available when Update 6.1 lands on PC live servers on 22nd January and console live servers shortly after. For those that want to drop into the action right away, the PC Test Server is open today!"

Season 5 ended on January 14th for PC and is due to conclude on January 21st on console.

We expect more information on version 6.1 by the time the update arrives.

PUBG Karakin – Features

There are quite a lot of new updates coming in version 6.1 of PUBG, and Karakin is likely set the show off the full suite of these new mechanics.

A press release from PUBG Corp. reads:

"Players can also interact with this new map like never before with breach points into buildings, bullet penetration through certain walls, and underground smuggler tunnels to avoid or ambush your enemies.

"The all-new Black Zone adds a new dynamic to the map, forcing players out of the safety of their buildings to avoid being crushed under the rubble of a missile strike."

The introduction of the new map will also mean the addition of a new map rotation schedule that PUBG Corp. will implement as of update 6.1:

"To ensure the new map does not impact queue times, rotating map slots will be introduced. A rotating map slot is a non-permanent map slot that will change periodically.

"For the first rotation, Vikendi will rotate out to make room for Karakin."

We'll keep you updated on the map launch as more information presents itself.

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