PUBG Mobile: Download this free bonus before it’s no longer available

The latest build of PUBG Mobile is available today available on Android and iOS, with the patch rolling out to all players that will update the game to version 0.15.0.

Because the patch rollout goes around the world in waves, it's hard to predict when each region will receive access to the update. At least we know it's coming today, at some point!

The official patch notes for version 0.15.0 state that there is a pretty decent incentive for you to download the new update, too – it's effectively giving you a totally free reward!

Tencent confirmed that anyone that downloads and installs the update before October 22 will get a reward added to their account – and it's a pretty good haul, too.

A recent message from Tencent explains: “We will be adding the following features from the PC PUBG game.

“The one and only, the most powerful semi-auto handgun, the Desert Eagle. The all-new vehicle, replacing the Armored UAZ, the BRDM-2. This behemoth is heavily armoured, with bulletproof tires and thick plating to protect the passengers.

“The long-awaited ledge grab system. From now on, players will be able to get to places they could never before! We are excited to see how players will utilize this new feature and find interesting ways to surprise their enemies!.

“The explosive barrels. Back in the day, fuel canisters had very limited utility. Now it can become one of the most lethal weapons used to trap and eliminate your enemy.”

You're going to have to wait a while before you see Erangel in the mobile version of the game, though.

“During PMCO Spring Split Global Finals, we announced our plans for Enrangel 2.0," noted the developer.

“To better present the Erangel 2.0 from the PC PUBG game, we are still finalizing the details of the map, and it will come soon.”

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