PUBG Mobile Season 12 royale pass revealed, two-year anniversary event announced

To celebrate upcoming Second Anniversary of PUBG Mobile, a massive festive content has arrived in game with a fresh wave of interactive games, events, anniversary exclusive items and achievements, the developer has announced today.

Beginning today, players can now join in the latest anniversary celebration and enjoy the all-new Royale Pass Season 12.

Themed as “2gether We Play” to emphasize fun and teamwork, PUBG Mobile Second Anniversary encourages players to have fun together in game.

Players now have a chance to enter a special themed Amusement Park Mode within Erangel in Classic Mode. An old-school amusement park will randomly appear in three locations around the map, decked with interactive arcade machines to activate with game tokens, included games and attractions such as Hunt Game, Space War, What’s In The Box, Shooting Range, Trampoline, and Launcher.

High-rise Launcher will appear in the middle of the amusement parks. Players can be launched into the air to use their parachute and glide again.

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