Pubg Mobile Season 9 release good news ahead of Season 8 end date

PUBG Mobile Season 9 is dropping this week and the latest download news from the developers has revealed some exciting news for players.

Earlier today the official PUBG Mobile Twitter account tweeted out a new image showcasing a preview of a brand new feature coming to the game in Update 0.15.0.

The image, seen above, shows a rocket launcher being fired at a helicopter for what is meant to be a new Payload Mode. So thats plenty of new heavy weaponry and vehicles players can look forward to when the new update drops.

The tweet reads:

"Here’s an early preview of one of the things we’ve got coming in Update 0.15.0. If you like making things go boom, you’ll love the new Payload Mode! This new Arcade Mode is an absolute blast!"

Whether this big update arrives with the big season 9 update isn't clear, but we don't have long to wait.

The Season 9 update is scheduled to release on September 13th later this week, which is this coming Friday.

We suspect we'll learn more about the plans for PUBG Mobile server downtime as well as the download release schedule in the next 24 hours.

Music to the ears of iOS and Android players no doubt.

And as highlighted by Daily Star previously, we already have a fairly solid idea when it comes to the sort of content we could see introduced when the PUBG Mobile Season 9 release time arrives.

Reddit user IHateMOBAs19 (what a name) has reported on some details leaked on Youtube by video-maker ShubhGamerz .

Apparently, the images come from a PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 beta build, where players can see tentative additions before they get rolled out to the player-base at large.

We can likely assume, then, that Season 9 will have something of a samurai/ninja, a far cry from the pirate inspiration of Season 8.

The title of the season is supposedly "Warriors Unite", so you can look forward to some nice gear in the coming weeks.

The lead skin will apparently be “Draconian Champion”, with a matching M16A4 to complete the look for eager players. Nice. A backpack will be available, too, that will look like the old-fashioned Japanese school bags, which is cool.

Stay tuned, there's going to be plenty more info dropping very soon.

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