PUBG Mobile UPDATE: Server Status down as Tencent reveal 0.15.0 patch release

Tencent has taken PUBG Mobile servers down tonight as they prepare for the launch of patch 0.15.0

This new PUBG Mobile update is scheduled to launch on October 16, meaning that today’s maintenance will not end with the new content being released.

Instead, maintenance is being performed the day before, reducing the amount of server disruption later this week.

The Tencent support team has warned that tonight’s maintenance will last several hours and will include a large patch.

This means that gamers will need to have enough free space on their device to accommodate PUBG Mobile update 0.15.0.

The download will be large, needing just under 2GB on both Android and iOS platforms.

A message from Tencent explains: “PUBG MOBILE will be taken offline from 00:00:00 to 07:00:00 (UTC) on 15 OCT 2019 for maintenance.

“Please make sure your device has enough storage space for this update: 1.76 GB for Android and 1.98 GB for iOS. The new version will be available starting 16 OCT 2019.”

As mentioned above, tonight’s PUBG Mobile maintenance could last around seven hours and in the UK, see servers go back online at 8am.

For fans in the United States, maintenance could last until around 3am, EST.

Past maintenance periods have been cut short, so there’s a slim possibility of everything going back online earlier too.

So as a recap – tonight (October 15) will see servers go offline and end with a big download on all platforms.

This will be followed by the new 0.15.0 content going live on Wednesday, October 16, with the update going live in different regions at different times.

When it comes to what is included in this week’s PUBG Mobile update, Tencent has provided detailed patch notes.

This includes details on the new Ledge Grab ability, which will allow gamers to reach new spots and attack from different angles.

Fans can also look forward to the release of new exploding fuel canisters, which can be picked up and used to set traps for your enemies, or used in firefights to secure the tactical advantage.

A new mode will also go live called “Payload,” where players will have the ability to resurrect their allies by picking up ID cards.

Much like in Apex Legends, you’ll be able to carry them to a communication tower and activate the revive process.

New weapons are also being promised, including the M3E1 missile launcher for targeting helicopters and two grenade launchers.

A message from Tencent adds: “This update comes with the new Payload Mode and the updated Survive Till Dawn – Halloween mode. The Darkest Night will be taken offline for further tuning.

“Other enhancements: characters can now leap in mid-air to reach previously inaccessible places; new vehicles such as the amphibious BRDM-2 and helicopters have been added to make travelling more mobile; exploding fuel drums are now in the game for laying traps.

“As for weapons, the M16A4, Vector, UMP45 and MK47Mutant have all been tuned. The famous Desert Eagle has also been added.

“The performance has also been improved: now it runs smoother but consumes less power and therefore less likely to cause your device to heat up; weapon and outfit display have been enhanced; the touch controls have been tuned to reduce errors in movement after opening scope; room and inventory systems have also been improved.”

The new PUBG Mobile update will be free to everyone and will be required to carry on playing beyond today.

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