PUBG update 12.1 release time confirmed with server maintenance and patch notes

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Krafton is promising some big changes with the next PUBG update being released this week on Steam.

Launching on June 2, PUBG 12.1 will include a number of map improvements for Miramar, including a bump in visual fidelity for textures and materials across locations.

Additional cliffs have also been added for steep slopes, which indicate areas that cannot be climbed easily.

A message from PUBG team adds: “Miramar holds a special place in our hearts; launched alongside PUBG 1.0 in December 2017 we’re thrilled to show you the improvements made for Season 12.

“Throughout the map, we’ve focused on improving the overall visual quality (lighting especially) while also keeping a close eye on improving player interactions with the environment to improve your gameplay experience.

“Expect an overall smoother experience, with reduced object clutter, less troublesome coastlines, adjusted cover across the map, and more.

“While points of interest will still feel very familiar, we’ve introduced key changes to improve core gameplay and keep things feeling fresh. Keep an eye out and let us know what you think.”

PUBG fans are also getting a new weapon to wield, with the Lynx AMR making its debut with PUBG 12.1.

Kraton says that the Lynx AMR will be the game’s first Anti-Materiel Rifle, a semi-automatic crate gun capable of damaging military equipment and armour, in addition to players and vehicles.

This will instantly make it the best anti-vehicle sniper rifle available and will be capable of destroying BRDMs and even penetrating the windows to kill its occupants.

It will also provide a brutal counterweight to the game’s newest vehicle, the Quad, which comes with two seats and 750 Health points.

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PUBG Update 12.1 has a release time set for 1:30am PDT on Wednesday, June 2, 2021. For gamers in the UK, this means the new update should be available to download by 9:30am BST on the same day.

PUBG servers are scheduled to be down for a whopping eight hours, meaning maintenance will begin at 5:30pm PDT, or 1:30am BST.

A message from the PUBG support team explains: “Live servers will enter maintenance for 8 hours starting June 1, 5:30pm PDT / June 2, 2:30am CET / June 2, 9:30am KST.

“Once complete, Update 12.1 with the Updated Miramar, Quad vehicle, Lynx AMR and more will be available on live servers.”

As always, maintenance could be extended or shortened, depending on how well the new patch is delivered.

Early patch notes have also been released and can be found listed below:


Scrap Shop

  • Scrap acquired from opening Contraband Crates can be used to purchase items from the Scrap Shop. Scrap can be kept indefinitely.

    • Available items:

    • [PROGRESSIVE] Gear Head – Beryl M762

    • Schematics

    • Contraband Coupons


    • View upgrade features for each level of the Upgradable Weapon Skins, and you can upgrade them by consuming your materials.

    • Upgrading your Upgradable Weapon Skins

    • Schematics and Polymer are required

    • Upgrading will unlock features with each level-up. More schematics and polymers are required to upgrade to the next level.

    • An Upgradable Skin, [PROGRESSIVE] Gear Head – Beryl M762’s features for each levels are as follows.

      • Lv.1: Basic Skin Cosmetic (Level 1 appearance)

      • Lv.2: Magazine / Muzzle Skin

      • Lv.3: Uncommon Skin Cosmetic (Level 2 appearance)

      • Lv.4: BATTLESTAT Total Kills

      • Lv.5: Inspect Weapon Animation

      • Lv.6: Killfeed Skin

      • Lv.7: Grip Skin

      • Lv.8: Rare Skin Cosmetic (Level 3 appearance)

      • Lv.9: Loot Crate Skin

      • Lv.10: Scope Skin

    • Once a weapon skin has been upgraded, it cannot be reverted.

    • Salvage

      • Salvage your Weapon Skins to earn materials for upgrades

      • Salvage – Weapon Skin

        • Up to 12 Weapon Skins can be selected at a time

        • Earn polymer by salvaging an ordinary Weapon Skin

        • Earn Schematics and Polymer by salvaging an Upgradable Weapon Skin

        • Tiers not listed in the below chart (Event, Basic, Ultimate) cannot be salvaged

        Contraband Crate

        Crates can be purchased 200 G-Coin each or bought as a pack of 10 for 1,800 G-Coin.

        • Unboxing gives a chance to acquire the following weapon skins or materials:

          • Upgradable weapon skins

          • Ordinary weapon skin, special grade or above (Special, Rare, Elite, Epic)

          • Schematics (Material)

          • Polymer (Material)

        • 10 Contraband Coupons are required to open a crate.

        • 10 Scrap can be acquired from opening Contraband Crates using G-Coin. Scrap can be used to purchase items from the Scrap Shop.

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