Puntt unveils new way to bet on ahead of this month’s major DreamHack tournament

Form players like S1mple and dev1ce could play as many as 9 matches across the tournament and Puntt will be covering them all, offering pools on every match played and guaranteeing the minimum value of pools on all semis and finals.

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More interest

Follow your favourite players, listen to the hot gossip or do your own homework and develop your betting strategy from form. You now have 10 choices for every match, and study can lead to a more informed opinion.

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Better odds

Pool odds can’t be fixed in advance, and if they could, we couldn’t offer such great odds. Across April, Puntt’s average odds on winning bets was 7.91. That’s nearly £8.00 returned on £1 invested. Live pool odds are always available on the Puntt website.

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Double your chances of winning

Only one player can be top fragger in a match (sometimes more than one player will achieve the most kills, but there are rules to sort that out), but with Puntt now offering wins on the place (1st or 2nd) as well as on the win (1st only), we’ve doubled your chances of winning.

Money Back Promotion

Sorry guys, we don’t have a glitzy, complicated promotion. But, in addition to our existing charity commitments, across the Dreamhack Masters Spring 2020 tournament, for every new depositing account opened on Puntt, we’ll give £2 back to charity from the Puntt Community Chest. We have nominated the World Health Organisation COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund as the beneficiary of the Puntt Community Chest for our first quarter. We hope our contribution can in some small way help the WHO in coordinating the global effort against COVID-19.

Join Puntt today and experience player betting across the DreamHack tournament!

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