Raft: Vasagatan Walkthrough

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After the Radio Tower, a luxury mega-yacht might not be your first guess when it comes to a destination in Raft, but here we have it. Vasagatan is one of the more opulent solutions to surviving on the ocean that we've seen so far, but when you approach it you'll start to notice that all isn't what it seems.

The yacht has run aground, and it's up to you to figure out why. The labyrinthian interior is crawling with aggressive rats, so before you embark, ensure that you have enough weapons on hand to keep the little beasts at bay.

This is a much tougher area than the Radio Tower. Darker, too, so ensure you have a headlamp equipped and enough food to keep you going. This may take a while.

How To Board The Ship

Moor your raft at the rear of the Vasagatan. There are plenty of resources strewn around the surrounding reef, but ignore those for now unless you need to craft supplies for the trip. You can enter the ship through the rear; there is a platform that leads to a door with an 'Authorized Personnel Only' sign. Head through there and into the bowels of the vessel.

This area is riddled with lurkers, so make sure you always have your weapon equipped. They aren't difficult to dispatch, but they can take you by surprise when entering a room.

Flick the switch you find in the first area, it will turn the light on over a table where there is a note you can pick up; more clues about the suspect captain. There is a crowbar on a nearby table, pick it up and use it to open a door just down the hallway.

This hallway contains several rooms. The first of which contains a locker that requires a bolt cutter to access, and the second requires a blue key. You have neither of these items just yet, so continue down until you get to a bathroom, head inside, and pick up the red key.

Further down the hallway, there are two doors; the one on the right requires the red key to open, and the one on the left has some crafting tables we need to utilise later on. Enter the left-hand room and pick up the gas canister, then open the door opposite with the red key and enter.

In this area, you'll find some bolt cutters and a couple of crafting tables. They both require various pickups from across the yacht. One of the several items you need is in this room, a mechanical part, so ensure you pick that up.

Go back down the hallway, towards the room with the locker. You can now use the bolt cutters on the locker to acquire the blue key. Using the blue key on the last remaining door will enable you to access the rest of the ship.

How To Build The Bomb

Head up the stairs and into the bar area. On the bar itself you'll find a bullet, which we'll need to build the contraption downstairs. There is also another mechanical part near the DJ booth. Unlock the exterior doors and make your way outside, where you'll see another mechanical part sitting in the drained swimming pool.

Although unlocking the doors to the exterior of the ship isn't vital to your task ahead, it gives you a shortcut back into the ship should you choose to head back to your raft for any reason. Instead of using the stairs inside, you can just jump up the outside of the ship to whichever floor you like — barring the bridge, of course.

Go back to the bar area and make your way up the stairs to the next floor. There is a room at the end of a hallway filled with crates. Enter this room and loot as much as you like — there are a fair amount of resources here, but the thing we need the most is the fourth mechanical part. Pick that up and head back the way you came.

Head up the stairs another time to the third floor, and head along the hall until you reach a food preparation area. The last mechanical part is on the floor next to a locked door. In the centre of the room there is also a note with a four-digit code. The code is used to open a safe in the Captain's Quarters, so go down a floor and head for room number three. The safe contains electrical wires.

Make your way to the stairs again, this time heading to the fourth floor. There looks to be a karaoke dance area in the centre of the room, and a keycard lying there. Pick that up and you're off back downstairs.

On the third floor, there was a door you couldn't open due to the lack of a keycard. You now have that keycard, so open the door and head into the office. Pick up the green key from the desk.

Back up you go, now to the fifth floor. There is a door that requires the green key. This area is a rather large bedroom, and if you head towards the window there is a bed with a lighter you'll need to acquire.

All the way back down to the bowels of the vessel again with you. The room with the two workbenches is now useful. Interact with them both; you'll be able to build a car jack and a bomb.

How To Get To The Bridge

Head up to the fourth floor, and you'll notice that a door is blocked by a rather large object. You're now about to move that object with the aid of the car jack. Entering this room gives you access to the staircase that leads you all the way to the bridge of the ship.

The door to the bridge is blocked, and can only be unblocked by an explosive device of some sort. Luckily for you, there's now a bomb in your inventory after that treasure hunt. Pop that bad boy on the door and take cover. It comes as a surprise to nobody that if you stand next to the bomb as it goes off you'll be damaged, so keep that in mind.

The bridge itself contains two very important blueprints for your journey ahead; the engine and the steering wheel. It also has a note with the coordinates for your next destination — Balboa Island.

The engine and steering wheel are vital for getting to the story areas ahead of you. After you've looted the story items from Vasagatan, it's worth giving the ship another once-over, hoovering up all the resources you may have missed. You're starting to craft more advanced items now, so simply picking up planks and plastic from the ocean soon won't be enough.

To craft yourself an engine for your raft, you'll need:

  • 5 Metal Ingot
  • 5 Rope
  • 1 Circuit Board
  • 20 Plank

And for the steering wheel:

  • 10 Scrap
  • 4 Metal Ingot
  • 4 Rope
  • 2 Bolt or 2 Hinge

It's important to note that while the engine has to be in contact with the water (obviously), the steering wheel can be placed anywhere on your raft and still be functional. It's advised to place it in view of your receiver, as you'll want to be able to direct your raft and see the direction in which you should be heading at the same time.

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