Rainbow Six Siege’s Next Operators May Have Been Leaked (Named Yana & Oryx)

The new operators set to hit Rainbow Six Siege at the start of Year 5’s first season may have just been leaked on Reddit.

Year 5 of Rainbow Six Siege is just about to start. Ubisoft has already confirmed that it will be called Void Edge, but other than that, we have no idea what might be in store. But we do have a pretty big hint courtesy of the Rainbow Six Siege subreddit.

Their names, according to a post from user UbimanCZSK, are Yana and Oryx. Those names seem to confirm an earlier leak from last October that was posted to ResetEra. In that leak, Yana is said to be from India and is an attack with a grenade launcher and a holographic toy that she uses to distract her foes similar to Alibi’s ability. She also has a bolt-action rifle and a device that destroys nearby gadgets.

The big Kenyan dude is Oryx, and he’s thought to have a very simple ability: he can bust through soft walls, Kool-Aid Man-style. Besides that, he also has a device that can suck in grenades and detonate them away from allies.

This basically jives with the image that came along with the post. Yana has a very hack-esque physique and a strange technical doodad on her left hand, while Oryx appears to have just burst through a wall with rubble falling down behind him. It also seems to confirm an earlier leak from Dexerto, although that leak says that Yana will have a pair of assault rifles instead of a bolt-action rifle.

We don’t have a release date for these new operators (or even if the leak is real), but if things go like they did last year, we should see the new season arriving sometime in March.

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