Ramattra Is The First Overwatch Hero Only Unlockable On The Battle Pass

Ramattra was revealed to be the next Hero coming to Overwatch 2 last night, and will be added to the game at the start of season 2 on December 6. However, while the news of a new Tank would usually excite fans, it's overshadowed by the knowledge that he will be the first Hero that is only available through the Battle Pass, potentially locking many players out of unlocking him for some time.

This comes after Kiriko's release caused its own share of controversy, as players who didn't own the first Overwatch had to unlock her on the Battle Pass too. The difference here is that everyone will have to earn Ramattra through the controversial Battle Pass now, which could take weeks if you don't upgrade to the premium pass.

On r/Overwatch, most of the conversations surrounding the new Tank hero revolve around his potential place on the new Battle Pass, as it's not yet known what level he will be unlocked at.

"Ramattra looks cool, but I don’t want to pay or wait to play him," says Reddit user justinhu87. "I don’t want to pay $10. I don’t want to wait weeks to unlock him. I don’t want to lose games while waiting for him to be unlocked. Blizzard needs to unlock new heroes at the same time for free and paying customers. Paying customers should not get special treatment."

Many players in the replies agree. "Yeah, this is the first hero release that while cool, I’m not excited for knowing the BP grind to get it," says FramePancake. "Kinda depressing. How will they deal with the disparity of some teams not having the option to choose/swap to the new hero?"

This sentiment is also being shared in the replies to the official Blizzard forums post revealing Ramattra. Many here are worried that he will be a level 55 unlock on the free Battle Pass, much like Kiriko. For reference, it was taking some players 50 hours to reach that level.

However, it's worth noting that Blizzard did send out a survey recently, asking players about their spending habits. Since the feedback on the Battle Pass was likely negative, it's possible there will be adjustments for Ramattra's release.

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