Rare £48,000 Pokémon Trading Card gets lost in the post

One of the rarest Pokémon cards ever made is now even rarer, after one was sold on eBay and then mysteriously vanished.

If you thought paying $60,000 (£47,900) for a trading card was bad then imagine how it feels to never even receive it.

After selling the card on eBay, a collector known only as pokemonplace posted the card via USPS, with insurance of $50,000 – the highest amount possible.

Records show that it was signed for and delivered at the same time as a number of other items, but ‘middle man company’ Aramex claims they never received it.

Because it was signed for pokemonplace has been unable to file an insurance claim and nobody is certain exactly what happened. Although the theory is that someone at USPS stole it, when they saw how much the insurance was for.

The thing is though, as explained in the video above, that the card is so rare it’s essentially impossible to sell, because every reputable dealer would know it was the stolen one.

That means it will probably never resurface, although pokemonplace has offered a $1,000 reward for anyone that can help locate it.

The card in question is called Trainer No. 3 and was never sold as part of pack but was instead given out to the third-place winner in a Pokémon competition called Super Secret Battle, which took place in Japan in 1999.

Pity it’s such a boring-looking design…

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