Red Bull Has a Dirt Bike Mobile Game Out Now

Dirt Bike Unchained is the name of the game – at least the one launched by Red Bull Media House, claiming to offer “an authentic and high octane digital motocross experience” on iOS and Android. The team has already launched Bike Unchained 2, considered the number one mobile bike game, and the new title is looking to follow in those footsteps.

Anyone interested in the game will be able to play it either solo or with friends, who you can try to leave in a cloud of dust behind you as superstar mentors lead your way. Those mentors include 2019 450 SX Champion Cooper Webb, former best Enduro rider in the world Jonny Walker, and thirteen-time Women’s Trial World Champion in outdoor motorcycle trials Laia Sanz.

And what would the game be without big sponsor names plastered all over your bike and yourself? That’s why you can customize both your bike and your own rider with the names of some of the biggest moto brands in the world, including KTM BIKE INDUSTRIES, Leatt, Thor, 100%, Alpinestars and KINI.

“Dirt Bike Unchained nails the look and feel of motocross racing with its authentic dirt bikes and tracks, high-flying stunts and fierce competitions,” Cooper Webb said. With this endorsement, why not give it a chance? The game is, after all, available for free on both the Apple Store and Google Play.

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