Red Dead Online Players Are Not Happy With The Game’s Latest Update

Red Dead Online's latest update has brought with it a wave of unhappy and frustrated fans who are desperate for something new.

On Thursday, Rockstar announced Red Dead Online's newest update which features experience point bonuses on several pre-existing missions. These missions include A Land of Opportunities, Call to Arms, and Gang Hideouts, some of which are missions that were released years ago.

You'll often see publishers of multiplayer focused titles offer up these sorts of bonuses over a weekend, enticing players to spend more time playing during their off-time. However, Red Dead Online's latest bonuses are running for a month, and seems to be the only new update coming to the game for the duration of said month.

Understandably, several Red Dead Online players have taken to Twitter under the hashtag #SaveRedDeadOnline to try and get Rockstar to take notice. Just from a small sample of irate fans, Rockstar is accused of neglecting Red Dead Online despite having vast sums of money at its disposal, as well as favoring GTA 5 over everything else.

It's easy to see that point of view, especially if you're a Red Dead Online fan. GTA 5 Online has been steadily supported with new expansions ever since it launched back in 2013, including new content with massive stars like Dr. Dre. Compared to GTA 5 Online players, Red Dead Online players are starving.

Whether Rockstar will take on board the criticisms from its own fans is entirely unknown, but what we do know is that Rockstar is currently working on the next-gen version of GTA 5. The game was recently delayed from November 2021 to March 2022, once again angering fans, and could be a possible reason for the lack of new things to do in Red Dead Online.

Hopefully, Rockstar takes notice and starts producing some actually engaging content for Red Dead Online players to sink their teeth into. It's looking less and less likely though.

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