Red Dead Redemption 2 Player Creates ‘Sizzling’ Fire Art

We at TheGamer like to consider ourselves true connoisseurs of video game-related art, and as such pride ourselves on always bringing you the very best of what the gaming community has to offer. Gamers are a creative bunch who are always bringing innovation to the table, so it’s never an easy task choosing a favorite piece of art.

But today’s showcase of one Red Dead Redemption 2 player’s work of “fire art” is truly spectacular, and dare I say it might just be up there with the best. Be prepared to have your breath stolen, friends. Check it out below.

Spectacular, is it not? Sorry, I should have told you to make sure you were sitting down before opening that one.

So what was your favorite part of the video? Mine is definitely tied between the explosion at the end there, or the moment my heart dropped when I realized it was in fact not going to be a cat with two chubby whiskered cheeks.

Goddammit, gamers.

As you can imagine, the Reddit post – created by one j3unny123 – has garnered a fair amount of praise from fellow RDR 2 fans. “Art like this shall forever be memorialized,” one Redditor writes. “Awwww a heart, wait why are there lines-,” another says. “Nice,” reads another 20 or so comments.

This is certainly not the first time a RDR 2 player has turned to this innovative form of fire art – like this one, whose burning flames of destruction celebrated the new year of 2020 in a nice, frightening foreshadow-y sort of way.

While other RDR fans are creating gorgeous and wholesome fan art – like this piece depicting younger versions of Arthur Morgan and John Marston – along comes j3unny123’s shining example of High Art, whose originality obviously dethrones all other attempts at art created within any video game ever. Try beat that one, guys.

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