Red Dead Redemption 2 UPDATE: Red Dead Online news and shock Rockstar rumours

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online is slowly growing with new content on PS4 and Xbox One, with a big new updated expected to land in May.

Fans are hoping that the new Spring Expansion will be launched sooner rather than later, as fans continue to muddle through the Red Dead Online beta.

New cosmetic items were added to Multiplayer Mode this week, as well as giving fans the chance to grab a new Care Package.

But based on the reception this news received online, fans are waiting to see the significant Spring expansion arrive.

It’s hoped that it will arrive in May 2019, however, as Rockstar Games has called it the “Spring Update” that gives them a little more leeway with dates.

There’s no reason to believe that a delay could be on the cards; however, the famous studio has been linked to another huge project.

Rumours this month have surfaced that suggest GTA 6 will be released in 2020.

These come from an unlikely source and isn’t something that Rockstar themselves has mentioned.

The rumour originated from an anonymous post on Pastebin that was published back in December 2018 but was only recently discovered.

The author of the post claimed to be a third-party games developer that has knowledge of Sony’s PS5 plans.

The thing that has given these rumours a little more pep is that some of those PS5 plans, including specs, have now been confirmed by the tech giant.

Not everything on the list has been proven true, so the rumour has to be taken with a big pinch of salt.

But if GTA 6 is being planned for 2020, that could mean bad news for Red Dead Online.

There is no doubt that Rockstar will launch GTA 6 with a new Online mode to succeed GTA 5’s.

And this kind of release is almost certain to cannibalise both GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 player numbers online.

It would give Red Dead Online another 12 months before a major rival landed from Rockstar, much less than GTA 5 Online.

But like all rumours, this could be proven a hoax in the months to come, along with all the other information listed.

And it’s not the only GTA 6 news that has popped up this week.

A new resume from a former employee at Rockstar India lists work on the GTA 6 project being conducted between December 2017, and April 2018.

This was reportedly done alongside work for GTA 5 DLC and Red Dead Redemption 2 but is far from the official confirmation needed to get fans excited.

When it comes to the next major Red Dead Online update, it appears fans will be getting their wish for new content.

Rockstar has confirmed that more ‘A Land of Opportunities’ Missions will be part of the update, where fans will get to continue Jessica LeClerk’s search for revenge as you explore the path of a Gunslinger or an Outlaw.

This will launch alongside new Free Roam Mission givers and mission types, with Rockstar hinting at some single player cameos.

Rockstar is also planning to expand the dynamic events that can occur in Red Dead Online, meaning fighting off ambushes, initiating rescues and defending folks in need.

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