Redditor Tries Using Only Mirage Voice Lines On Tinder Match

A Redditor tried to use Mirage voice lines in order to pick up on Tinder. It didn’t go over well.

Mirage used to be a bartender, so he’s kind of heard it all before. Pick up lines are practically second nature to him, and he lets a few of those loose in Apex Legends. They never actually succeed in convincing Bangalore, Lifeline, Wraith, or any of the other legends from shooting at him on sight, but at least it makes playing Mirage interesting, right?

Reddit user sunlitstranger had the bright idea to see how well Mirage’s moves would work in real life by trying them out on a Tinder match. As you can see below, it did not go well.

First, sunlitstranger named themselves “Mirage,” which would have been anyone’s first clue that something was not quite right. Then they started out with, “Today will be one of those experiences where you sit back and say, ‘Oh yeah, I remember that.’”

This sort of started things off on the wrong foot, which only got worse as sunlitstranger kept pouring on the old Mirage charm. By the time they got to, “Alright, let’s do this. It’ll be fun! If not, well, y’know, we all make bad choices. You live, you learn,” their Tinder match had decided that enough was enough and decided to ghost them.

Or maybe she caught on thanks to the username and quotes. Who can say? Either way, don’t take dating advice from Mirage. He’s famously single and forever looking to mingle.

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