Redditors Are Proposing With PS5s

I’m all for diamonds losing their place in society as the tool of choice for proposing marriage, but I’m not sure I’m here for its replacement.

Several Reddit posts have come up from people who have implemented the PS5 proposal. Basically, they’re one of the people lucky enough to get a new PlayStation 5, and have decided to use it as the staging grounds for a marriage proposal.

Considering the usual ways of expressing an unending and undying love–such as dropping to one knee while under the heavy gaze of a baseball Jumbotron–are no longer available due to COVID, perhaps the PS5 proposal makes a lot of sense. Even still, it seems like a dangerous way to propose.

What if they say no? Then who gets the PS5?

Still, this trend just shows how gamers are making the best of it during the age of coronavirus. Nuptials have become a normal thing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and even Pokemon is getting into the wedding industry with official wedding rings. We’re certain that Sony will start marketing a PS5 Proposal Edition in the very near future if this goes on for much longer.

A vaccine can’t come soon enough.

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