Redfall Won’t Allow You To Swap Characters Or Re-Spec Mid-Game

Redfall's latest gameplay trailer confirmed exactly what kind of game it will be. The closest thing that comes to mind is Borderlands – as the game is a shooter that's designed to be for both single player and multiplayer. Oh, and there's also a bunch of loot, but don't expect a million guns. However, in a recent interview, Arkane Austin studio director and Redfall co-creative director Harvey Smith spoke about what you can expect.

Speaking to IGN, Smith elaborated on the cast of characters and how we'll get to know each of them. You'll mostly learn about them via cinematic cutscenes, but you'll also get to play from the perspective of the character you've chosen. So if you've chosen Layla, you'll get her perspective on a particular mission, as opposed to Jacob's for the same mission. Each character pairing will also share their own unique rapport.

However, Smith had some bad news if the character you've chosen isn't working out for you. "You start the campaign with Layla, for instance, you're bound to Layla through the campaign mission, side missions, the whole flow of the game, to the endgame," he explained. "And then after that, you can play again with Layla and keep advancing her or you can start a new character, but you can't switch characters mid-track."

What's more, once you choose a path on your skill tree, you're going to have to commit to the build, as Redfall will not include features that allow you to re-spec your character. "Currently, we have no plans to re-spec either," continued Smith. "You can start a new playthrough and try a different set of powers, a different set of weapons, et cetera, but currently, when you start the campaign with a character, you're committed all the way through."

Smith further elaborated on the progression system, saying that leveling up and specing out will be on a "per-character" basis. While you will be able to play as different characters in different save slots, you won't be able to transfer progression between them. However, there will be no limitation on players picking the same character for multiplayer.

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