Remnant From The Ashes Subject 2923: Other Voices Trophy Guide

With all the new content added in Remnant From The Ashes Subject 2923, a handful of new trophies are also included for you to unlock. The Other Voices trophy will task you with finding four hidden audio logs, which could have you scouring every nook and cranny without our guide.

Most of the trophies included in the Remnant From The Ashes Subject 2923 DLC are fairly straight forward, such as killing the final boss or visiting specific locations. The most involved of these would undoubtedly be the Other Voices trophy, which requires you to track down all the audio recordings in Ward Prime. Thankfully there are only four audio logs you need to find, but each are in separate areas and easy to pass by.

Where To Find All Four Audio Logs In Subject 2923

The four locations you’ll need to visit are the Observatory, Medical Bay, Reactor Bay Entrance, and the Laboratory. There is one log in each location, which you need to approach and interact with to play. It should count the log once you activate it, but to be safe you can stay by it until the audio is finished playing before moving on. Once you’ve listened to all four, the Other Voices trophy will unlock.

The Observatory Audio Log Location

Starting from B1, you can reach the Observatory itself by climbing up the stairs beside the sign that reads “Observatory.” They are right beside the blast doors on that floor. Once you enter you will be in a room with rows of old computers and machines. Head to the station farthest from the door you came in through and find the little tape player on the desk.

Medical Bay Audio Log Location

As you are progressing through the Ward Prime area as a whole, you will eventually come to a locked door requiring a Maintenance key. This will send you into the Medical Bay to find it, but is also where you can pick up the second audio log. While exploring the Medical Bay, you will find the room where the key is located behind some glass you can shatter and jump through. Look along the walls for a conspicuously placed bookshelf and destroy it to reveal a hole in the wall leading to an adjacent room. Check out the table beside the operating bed to find the next audio log.

Reactor Bay Entrance Audio Log Location

Again back on the critical path of Subject 2923, you will eventually be lead from the Maintenance area into the Reactor Bay. Right before you enter the Reactor Bay, there is a room on the left side labelled Reactor Control, and to the right a hallway. Take the hallway down, turning right when you come to a root blocking the way, and into a small supply room holding the audio log.

Laboratory Audio Log Location

The fourth and final audio log is way down in the Laboratory. After you have fixed the reactor you can make your way back to the Medical Bay computer to open up the door to the Medical Storage room. Here you grab the Ward Prime Keycard that will grant you access into the Laboratory. Once you use the card and enter the area, make your way down to the bottom floor where you will find a row of doors blocked by roots. Break the one on the far left, enter the room beyond, and on your left you will spot the final audio log on a table against the wall.

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