Resident Evil 2: Every Locker Code In The Remake

In the same way 2002’s Resident Evil remake completely redefined the PlayStation original, 2019’s Resident Evil 2 breathed new life into what many consider to be the peak of the franchise. While changing several key details from the PS1 release (notably downplaying the intimacy of the Zap system), Resident Evil 2 is a phenomenal remake that caters to old school fans while also featuring enough modern conveniences to prevent alienting more action oriented players.

Beyond lovingly recreating the Raccoon Police Department, Resident Evil 2 introduces several new mechanics to keep gameplay fresh: from ammo crafting to locker codes hiding secret items for Leon and Claire. Some of the best items in Resident Evil 2 are hidden behind lockers, and players will want to make sure they’re reading every note they come across to unlock everything.

West Office

While not an actual locker, Leon’s Desk does function as a locker code puzzle. Located in the West Office on the first floor of the Police Station, Leon’s desk has been locked by his fellow officers as a show of gentle hazing. A nearby note reveals that Leon can unlock his desk by inputting the initials of his co-workers. This can be done as easily as checking everyone’s name tag on their desk. The desk itself is restrained by two locks:

  • Left: NED
  • Right: MRG

It should be noted that players receive different rewards depending on who their player character is. If playing as Leon, he’ll unlock the HIgh-Capacity Magazine for his Matilda handgun. If playing as Claire, she’ll unlock the Speed Reloader for her SLS 60. Both attachments are fairly useful early in the game, so make sure to unlock Leon’s desk ASAP.

Shower Room

The next locker players are liable to find is located inside of the second floor Shower Room in the Raccoon Police Department. The locker is restrained by a single three character lock unlike Leon’s Desk. To find the answer to the lock, Leon or Claire needs to head down to the room between the Operations and Records Room on the first floor. The combination is circled on a whiteboard:

  • CAP

When playing as Leon, he’ll find Shotgun Shells inside of the locker. When playing as Claire, she’ll find Fire Rounds for her Grenade Launcher. Both the Shotgun and Grenade Launcher are exclusive to Leon & Claire respectively, and can be unlocked in the Safety Deposit Room after finding the Weapons Locker Key Card in the Art Room.

Third Floor

The last locker in the Police Station can be found all the way on the third floor. From the Dark-room Safe Room on the first floor, head up the staircase until reaching a locker on the third floor. The combination to this locker can only be found by finding a Roll Film in the Police Station’s Firing Range on B1 and then bringing it back up to the Dark-room to develop where the photo will reveal the code.

  • DCM

As was the case with the first two lockers, Leon and Claire unlock different items in their playthrough. Leon gets Magnum rounds for his Lightning Hawk whereas Claire gets Submachine ammo for her MQ 11. Both weapons can be found in the S.T.A.R.S.’ offices Armory and require the USB Dongle Key located on the S.T.A.R.S. Badge. In a fresh Leon playthrough, the Badge can be found in a Jeweled Box in the Observation Room. For Claire, she can find a Badge in the Interrogation Room. For a B-side playthrough, the Badge will be in the Shower Room.

Sewer Control Room

The last locker puzzle in Resident Evil 2 can be found down in the Sewers, specifically in the Sewer Control Room. This is yet another three character lock that can be found by reading the right file. The combination to the Sewer Control Room’s locker can be found circled on a Jazz Festival Flyer in the Workers’ Break Room.

  • SZF

The unlockables for the Sewer Control Room locker are the exact same as the third floor locker. Leon gets Magnum ammo for his Lightning Hawk while Claire gets SMG ammo for the MQ 11. Considering how scarce ammo is in Resident Evil 2, however, this is as good of a reward as players can hope for.

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