Resident Evil 3: How To Escape Raccoon City

Video game remakes are often a double edged sword, but Capcom has found a healthy balance between recreating their games as they were and ensuring they tread new ground with the Resident Evil remakes. Starting with 2002’s classic reimagining of the PS1 Resident Evil, the series has since seen two other remakes that have redefined two of the best entries in the franchise: Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3. Neither remake is a 1:1 reflection of their source material, however, with Resident Evil 3 in particular doing its own thing entirely.

Resident Evil 3 embraces the action and replay value that defined the PS1 original, resulting in a much shorter campaign than Resident Evil 2’s remake. While fans looking for a meaty story might be disappointed, Resident Evil 3 is proof that less is more. Raccoon City has never felt more alive than in Resident Evil 3, but that just means Jill is always one step away from becoming the living dead.

The Opening

The original Resident Evil 3 opens with Jill’s apartment complex blowing up and her miraculously surviving. The remake has you playing through all the build up. For all intents and purposes, this opening is purely scripted. What little control players have over Jill is mainly so RE3 doesn’t open with 10 full minutes of cutscenes.

Gameplay starts in first person mirroring Resident Evil 7. Upon waking up, head to Jill’s bathroom to trigger the end of the dream sequence. As Jill proper, return to the bathroom and turn on the lights to switch to the traditional third person perspective. Finish exploring her apartment and then pick up the phone to trigger Nemesis.

Nemesis will begin to pursue Jill, but the level design in the apartment is completely linear. So long as you hold forward at all times, Jill will follow the natural path and should be perfectly safe. After passing through the wallway, take the fire escape down the window and back into the apartment to get ambushed by Nemesis yet again. Make one last push through the apartment and Jill will burst onto the main streets.

Getting To The Subway

With the Nemesis intro out of the way, it’s time to get to the Subway. Walk down the alleyway to meet up with fellow S.T.A.R.S. member Brad Vickers and follow him throughout the streets. After turning the corner, a horde of zombies will knock down a fence. Keep away from the zombies and run into Bar Jack.

Brad will sacrifice himself to save Jill and she’ll run out of Bar Jack in a cutscene. Move down the alley and pick up the handgun off the nearby body to trigger a zombie. Instead of shooting it, conserve your ammo and turn around. Climb under the fallen signpost and open the gate into the alleyway across from the schoolbus.

A helicopter will spot Jill and tell her to get to the roof. Cut through the building for a brief interaction with Dario Rosso. Pick up the handgun ammo, exit the building, and squeeze through the fence up ahead. Open the elevator in the parking garage to trigger two zombies. Jill will be ambushed, but keep your distance and circle back to the elevator.

Nemesis will blow up the helicopter once you get to the roof, forcing Jill into a car. Hit the button prompts and drive straight into Nemesis. Hold down the accelerator while Nemesis strangles Jill and they’ll be sent flying off the roof. Nemesis will start marching towards Jill, but she’ll be saved by Carlos who will escort her to the subway.

Exploring The Streets

Now that Jill’s reached the Subway and met Carlos, Resident Evil 3 begins in earnest. Unlike in the original Resident Evil 3, Nemesis won’t start chasing Jill for quite a while. In fact, it’s possible to explore most of Raccoon City without triggering him. After Carlos brings Jill town to the subway trains and introduces her to the rest of the UBCS, you can start exploring.

Head all the way up the stairs to reach the subway entrance – the first proper safe room. Save at the Typewriter, drop off any items in the Item Box, and make note of the locked suitcase. Examine the clock in the corner of the room and then duck under the gate into the streets. A zombie will turn the corner, put it down with headshots.

Grab the handgun ammo up ahead and cut through the alley to trigger two zombies. Drop them both with headshots and open the door to reach the main street. Jill will hit a dead end, but turning around will trigger several zombies to break down a fence. Wait for them to stumble a bit closer and then shoot the nearby gas tank to incinerate them.

Hook down the stairs and headshot the zombies below from afar. Make note of the generator to the side – if shot, it’ll generate an electrical blast that’ll damage anyone in radius (Nemesis included). Once all the zombies are all dead, enter Moon’s Donuts and head to the back to find a safe room. Save up, use the Item Box if necessary, and get ready to explore the rest of Raccoon City.

Clearing Out Raccoon City

This is Jill’s last real chance to walk around Raccoon City before Nemesis shows up, so take the time to kill any leftover zombies and explore thoroughly. Exit through the doors you came in through and head up the fire escape to reach a fork. To the left is a house, the right leads to the rooftops. Hook right and shoot the gas tank up here to kill the zombies. Kick down the ladder to unlock an incredibly useful shortcut and return to Moon’s.

Save up and exit through the other set of doors to reach a new part of town. Run towards the zombie and kill the zombie playing dead outside. Raid the pharmacy and note the billboard inside. Now enter the Railway Building and headshot the zombie that stumbles down the hall. Pick up the Fire Hose and raid the rest of the building.

Kill the rest of the zombies lingering the streets and then run up the fire escape into the house. Kill the zombie inside and input 937 into the safe to unlock a Dot Sight for Jill’s Handgun. Exit out to the fire escape outside Moon’s Donuts and go to the ladder shortcut you unlocked earlier. Head down and attach the Fire Hose to the hydrant up ahead. Hook into the Garage and grab the Bolt Cutters off the wall. Consider returning to the Railway Building to unlock the Shotgun with the Bolt Cutters (it’ll be useful for an upcoming boss fight).

Use the Cutters on the door to trigger a cutscene. Once the cutscene is over, finish exploring the Garage and exit out the stairs. Hook right to find some Handgun Ammo and left to trigger two zombified dogs. They run by a generator as they target Jill, so a well timed shot can take them down easy. If either dog survives, put them down with a few more bullets. Now enter the Subway Power Substation.

Drain Deimos Battle

Drain Deimos are relegated to a relatively minor role in the remake, but they manage to serve up one of Resident Evil 3’s tensest set pieces as the game’s first proper boss fight. Kill the three zombies on the first floor of the Substation and head upstairs into the Control Room. Pick up the Hip Pouch to increase Jill’s inventory, save at the Typewriter, and grab as many Herbs as possible.

Exit down into the Outdoor Area and grab the Case off the dead body to the side. Examine the Case to find the Lockpick which can be used to unlock the path into the Power Maze. As soon as Jill opens the door, she’ll be ambushed by a Drain Deimos that will implant something inside of her. Quickly eat an Herb to puke it out and prepare to fight a horde of Deimos. Your goal inside of the Power Maze is to activate four Power Generators while fighting off wave after wave of Drain Deimos.

The Shotgun is especially handy here, but you might want to consider saving ammo for later. Be prepared to Quick Dodge and take out Drain Deimos. Always make sure your immediate surroundings are clear before triggering a Generator. If you’re lost, just look for the glowing red lights. Once all four Generators are activated, rush out of the Power Maze and return to the Control Room. Heal, save, and exit the Substation.

Nemesis Escape 1

With the Drain Deimos defeated, Nemesis will be hot on Jill’s trail – following her all throughout Raccoon City. Be ready to fight (and run) for your life. As you exit the Substation, Nemesis will burst out from a nearby building and ambush Jill. Dodge his first strike and run into the alleyway where you fought the dodge. Nemesis will jump in front of Jill, but this will give you a perfect opportunity to shoot the generator.

With Nemesis shocked, he’ll drop a Supply Case and be stunned for a bit. New zombies will have spawned since you entered the Substation, so be ready to fight. Shoot anything that gets in your way, but don’t stop to kill zombies while Nemesis is active. Cut through the Garage and exit into the alley that was previously on fire. Now head up the ladder shortcut. Nemesis will more than likely ambush Jill on the rooftops so be prepared to fight or dodge – a Grenade blast will immediately stun Nemesis.

From the rooftops, head into the house but be prepared to kill the zombie that was previously laying by the safe. Once outside, quickly run into the Railway Building while avoiding the surrounding zombies. Nemesis will leave Jill alone for now. If you haven’t unlocked the Shotgun, go use the Lockpick to grab it now. Otherwise, it’s time to reboot the subways.

Subway Puzzle

Resident Evil 3 is relatively light on puzzles, with the Subway Puzzle the only real standout in Raccoon City. Even then, the puzzle itself is deceptively easy. To reboot the Raccoon City Subway, input the following coordinates:

  • RE:01
  • FA:02
  • RA:03
  • SA:02
  • FO:01

This will restore power back to the subway system, allowing Jill and the rest of the survivors to escape Raccoon City. Kill the parasite zombie out in the fall and exit the Substation.

Nemesis Escape 2

With the Subway reactivated, Nemesis will once again be pursuing Jill. After exiting the Substation, cut through Moon’s Donuts and leave through the front to run into Nemesis. Dodge his attacks and rush up the fire escape towards the shortcut ladder. Climb down and avoid any zombies in your path as you return to the Subway.

Nemesis won’t pursue Jill into the Subway immediately, but reuniting with Carlos will trigger a series of cutscenes where Jill agrees to draw Nemesis’ attention to buy time. After regaining control, drop a Grenade to stun Nemesis or run as fast as you can while dodging his attacks. If you don’t have a Grenade, shoot the nearby generator to stun Nemesis. This should buy Jill enough time to kick a grate open and sneak into the Raccoon City Sewers.

Cutting Through The Sewers

The Sewers might seem daunting, but they’re actually one of the shorter sections in Resident Evil 3. The level design is also extremely linear and the main puzzle (swapping the battery between doors) requires little thought to navigate. The only real dangers down here are Hunter Gammas who can be put down as simply as shooting them in the mouth and never gang up on Jill in groups.

Kill the Hunter Gamma in the Southeast Tunnel and then another in the Central Tunnel. Grab the Battery Pack inside the Laboratory and kill the Hunter Gamma that ambushes Jill in the Central Tunnel. Another Hunter Gamma will ambush Jill as you cut through the East Tunnel. Use the Battery Pack to unlock the door and be prepared to fight another Hunter Gamma in Upper Access. Find the ladder and make sure to grab the Hip Pouch in the Security Room before unlocking the Exit Tunnel right by where you came in.

Nemesis Battle

After a fair amount of early game build up, it’s time to properly battle Nemesis. As you’re climbing out of the sewers, Nemesis will pull up Jill and throw her before pulling out his brand new flamethrower. Ignore the zombies and quickly head into the Construction Yard up ahead. Jill will close the gate behind her and you’ll be able to enter a safe room up ahead.

Nemesis will immediately chase after Jill with his flamethrower once you exit the safe room, so be ready to run. There will also be zombies in your path, but it’s not worth taking the time to kill them. Shoot any in your path, but conserve ammo for the boss fight. The rush up the Construction Yard is mainly scripted. Just keep moving forward and hit up all the button prompts to get Jill to safety.

Save up at the safe room and grab any healing items & ammo for the upcoming boss fight. Climb up the ladder and Nemesis will jump into the arena. Your goal is to take out the tank on his back. Make sure to keep a distance so his flame doesn’t reach Jill and shoot the tank from afar. Make note of the generators all around the boss arena to quickly stun Nemesis, as well.

After taking enough damage, Nemesis will start lumbering after Jill aflame. Keep on the offensive, but be mindful that Nemesis can quick dodge, so be ready to follow up any shots. With enough punishment, Nemesis will go down and Jill will miraculously drop down to the streets below.

Great Escape

It’s time for Jill’s last push through Raccoon City. Climb up the fire truck steps and take the ladder down. Take out the zombies loitering the streets and enter Kendo’s Gun Shop. Examine the Gun Shop to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene, grab Kendo’s Gate Key off the wall and unlock the alley entrance outside.

Kill the zombie by the trash bags and be ready to take out the parasite zombie up ahead. Enter the house and kill another parasite zombie in the next room. Once you leave the house, Nemesis will ambush Jill, this time wielding a rocket launcher. Nemesis will chase after Jill with a vengeance, so be quick to dodge any incoming missiles.

After some cutscenes, Jill will be railroaded back onto Raccoon City’s main street where Nemesis will shoot the Big Boy statue. Quickly run out of its vicinity and then rush up the stairs once it’s safe. Race to the Subway Station where Jill will be rescued by Carlos who will escort her down to the trains. As Jill rides off to freedom, Resident Evil 3 swaps control over to Carlos.

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