Resident Evil 7 Concept Art Surfaces, Shows Leon In Portugal

Concept art for a version of Resident Evil 7 that would have been more similar to Resident Evil 6 has surfaced online, giving us a glimpse of what the game would have been like before it turned into a first-person survival horror.

Although most of us think of the Baker house when we hear the name "Resident Evil 7", the seventh entry in the series was almost a very different game. A few years ago, Resident Evil insider AestheticGamer revealed that the seventh game was originally intended to be closer to Resident Evil 6 and would have followed Leon and Sherry in Portugal as they battled against water-based enemies.

AestheticGamer previously revealed this version of Resident Evil 7 back in 2020 and now, three years later, concept art for the cancelled project has been spotted online. The art comes from the Blogger page of Sergey, a concept artist who has previously worked on several Ubisoft games like The Division, as well as making concept art for most of the mainline Resident Evil titles.

The page may only contain two pieces of concept art for "Resident Evil 6.5", but it matches up with what AestheticGamer previously revealed. The first piece of art shows Leon in a military outfit standing on the docks of a small village, which is supposed to resemble Portugal. According to previous leaks, the city would have actually been a "floating city".

The second piece of concept art is a little more interesting, showing Leon (in another new outfit) going up against a water-based enemy in a dark tunnel. According to AestheticGamer's original leaks, these enemies would have been defeated with "water-based weapons", alongside the normal arsenal of guns you get in a Resident Evil game. How water works on water-based enemies, we'll never know.

Although she's not seen in this concept art, it's previously been reported that the character travelling with Leon through Portugal was Sherry, the little girl from Resident Evil 2 who eventually reappeared in the sixth entry as a playable character. It's unfortunately only Leon featured in the concept art, but it's an interesting idea to reunite the two characters properly after they briefly spoke in Resident Evil 6.

Another feature that's not shown in the concept art, but was apparently a big deal for Resident Evil 6.5, was a choice mechanic. According to AestheticGamer, the game would have featured a choice system, similar to games like Telltale's The Walking Dead, with time occasionally slowing down so that player can choose what to do next.

This leaked information and concept art might be all that we currently have on the original version of Resident Evil 7, but it's possible that more will come to light later down the line, as AestheticGamer has previously mentioned that a 30-60 minute demo was previously shown off before the game was scrapped.

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