Resident Evil 8 Village: How To Open The Lone Road Lockbox With Luiza’s Key

If you’re hunting for all of the best treasures in Resident Evil 8 Village, then this one might be one of the bigger mysteries. It’s not even marked on the map, but it does in fact contain a rare treasure that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

The Lone Road Lockbox requires a key to open, not a Lockpick, and it can’t be opened by just any key you’ll be picking up during the story sequences. In order to get this Lockbox open, you’ll need to venture off the beaten path a bit and revisit those older areas.

The fact is, you may already have the necessary key in your inventory, and you might not even know. But that’s exactly why we’ve written this guide for you, so you can understand exactly what you need to do in order to collect Luiza’s Key and open the Lone Road Lockbox in RE8 Village.

How To Find Luiza’s Key In RE8 Village

Luiza is the nice woman you meet right at the beginning of the game, who invites you into her home, with other villagers all seeking shelter. The home is quickly destroyed, and everyone inside dies – spoiler alert for the first hour of the game, there. But you can return to Luiza’s house later in the game – though you should be aware that all manner of monsters like to lurk in the tall grass right outside her home, and new creatures will spawn here over the course of the game.

If you look at your map often, you’ll notice a treasure appears outside of her home once you return to the village. Go to it, and you’ll be able to recover Luiza’s Necklace, a Key Item. That’s right, not a Treasure, but a Key Item. Examine it, and you’ll be able to remove the Necklace Stone, which can be sold as a Treasure individually.

Now the necklace will turn into the Necklace With Key – and you probably know how this is going to end up. Examine this necklace again, and you’ll find a key behind where the stone sat, and you can remove this to have Luiza’s Key. A clever hiding place, Luiza.

How To Open The Lone Road Lockbox In RE8 Village

You will have come across the Lone Road Lockbox hours before this, if you’re an avid explorer, and probably found quite quickly that you don’t have the key to open it up. Well, now that you’re equipped with Luiza’s Key, you can return and crack it open, so head back to the Altar where the Duke is resting, and then head West, and enter the first door on your left.

In here is the lockbox, and it can be opened up with Luiza’s Key, giving you a Treasure that can’t be found anywhere else in the game.

You will have Cesare’s Goblet, a golden chalice that you can sell to the Duke for a nice sum of Lei, allowing you to purchase those weapon upgrades that you’ve been dying for.

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