Resident Evil Village: Every Twist, Explained

If you thought there was a lot left to explain after the events of Resident Evil 7 at the Baker’s house, then you’re in for a treat. Resident Evil 8 Village had many twists and turns within its story that left people shocked and confused at the same time. After the horrible memories that Jack Baker and his family imprinted on both Ethan and players alike, you’d think they’d give us a break.

It’s safe to say that there will be many spoilers ahead. In this article, we’ll discuss the events of what happened within this Romanian village, Ethan’s story, and more. Though there are still some cracks left unopened in preparation for the next game, it’s still fun to speculate what’s really going on.

10 Why Rose Is So Special?

The entire point of Resident Evil Village is to save Rosemary Winters. Rose wasn’t taken for any old reason, but because she was special. Too special that the military had to step in and take her. But also so special that some creepy, mutated freaks in a forgotten village wanted her more.

Rose is special because she has the mold inside of her. The same mold that infected the Baker family in Resident Evil 7 or something similar to it. This isn’t making her a maniac, psycho-killer like Jack, but instead a powerful being. Her parents were infected by the mold from their time at the Baker house so it’s understandable that it would pass down to her. This mutation allows her to be dismembered and still be alive and well. That’s only half of what Rose is capable of. The rest, we’ll have to find out in the next game.

9 Mother Miranda’s Fascination With Rose

It’s Mother Miranda who set this all up. She was a scientist who joined forces to further research and abuse the mold which led to Eveline from the Baker house. She wanted Roseto to fulfill her own desires. This fantasy involved reanimating or replacing her own daughter, whom she lost a while back.

In the late game when you control Chris Redfield, you find Miranda’s lab or study room. This room holds all her research on the mold, the megamycete, and cadou. After losing her daughter and wandering into a cave to end her life, she found the megamycete. Figuring out that it can control people and bring them back to life, she started looking for a good host to control it.

Later, she found out about Rose. Because Rose is young and incapable of dying it seems, Miranda saw her fit as the best host option. There may be other reasons as to why she deems Rose the perfect host. Whatever it is, Rose was to act as a vessel for reviving Miranda’s dead daughter.

8 The Four Lords And Their Priorities

Mother Miranda adopted and experimented on the Four Lords in her attempt to find a perfect host for the cadou, an infectious parasite made from the megamycete. In the same laboratory room at the end of the game, there are four books you can read that show Miranda’s thoughts on each lord and why they ended up not being efficient enough.

Lady Dimitrescu had a medical condition where she needed to feast on blood. If she didn’t she would keep turning into a grotesque monster. This was a problem. Donna Beneviento was too mentally ill and obsessed with her dolls to be strong enough. Moreau couldn’t control his ability to turn into a giant fish, it simply happened when he became emotionally overwhelmed. And last, Karl Heisenberg. In the notes, there’s no real explanation as to why he wasn’t good enough to revive Eva with. It mentions how he can control electricity in his body to move metal and is perfect in every other way, but just isn’t quite right.

Regardless of what Miranda wanted of them, they all had their own agendas. They were their own people who had no choice but to be taken in by Miranda and tortured in her experiments.

  • Heisenberg indulges in this at the end of the game, explaining that he’s sick of being controlled by her and wants to break free. All Heisenberg wants is to be his own person again.
  • Lady Dimitrescu cared more about her makeshift family, as anyone should. Her daughters were more important to her than Mother Miranda’s plans.
  • Donna Beneviento was in her own little world. She was happy just living with her dolls.
  • Moreau just wanted to make everyone proud and not be made fun of. He wanted to be loved and to be a good son, or whatever Miranda sees him as. He ultimately failed at this.

7 Mia Isn’t Actually Dead (Mother Miranda’s Powers)

Chris didn’t kill her at the beginning of the game. As explained toward the end, Mother Miranda can shapeshift at will. She can be any person she wants. She paraded around as Mia to Ethan for who knows how long. It was after Rose was born when Miranda somehow took Mia away and replaced her without anyone noticing. This was to get closer to her perfect host, Rosemary.

When Chris and his team came in, they knew they were shooting Mother Miranda. Chris said this was bigger than what Ethan thinks and he was right. Miranda’s powers are greater than a simple facelift, though. She can also pretend to be a cold lifeless body, with any medical instrument confirming it’s a dead corpse. But she wasn’t dead, and that’s when she took Rose and made off.

6 But Ethan Was Dead The Whole Time

But you know who was dead… Ethan. The entire time. Once you defeat Heisenberg, Ethan gets a vision or a message from Eveline, the Baker house bioweapon. She explains that Ethan died that day, but because of his contact with the mold and with her, he was revived as mold.

This is exactly what Miranda wants for her dead daughter and why Ethan is so fascinating to her.

5 Chris Changing His Mind And Helping Ethan

There’s no real logical explanation for Chris being dumb. He just was. The entire time Ethan was risking his life to save his daughter, Chris thought, “Nah, I know you almost died just now, but it still isn’t a good time to tell you.”

Realistically, he should have told Ethan the truth the moment he found him in the village. But that’s exactly what Chris’ subordinate told him at the end anyway. That he should have told Ethan from the start. It would have saved everyone a lot of trouble.

4 Lady Dimitrescu’s Transformation

As previously mentioned, Alcina Dimitrescu transforms into a monster if she hasn’t had enough blood. There is a real but unofficial condition documented in the 1980s about people who are obsessed with drinking blood, so that much isn’t far off. The rest is, though.

She has a genetic condition where she keeps growing and regenerating. This beautiful benefit fades away if she doesn’t maintain it by consuming humans. Without maintaining her condition, she can no longer heal herself and starts to mutate. That’s why she transforms and you hear her shout that she needs more blood during her boss fight.

3 Lady Dimitrescu’s Daughters

So they aren’t her real daughters. Dimitrescu didn’t birth these women but created them with love and care nonetheless. In a book on the top floor of the Opera Hall in Castle Dimitrescu, you can read about the experiments Alcina went through to create her three daughters.

It involves using flies who are susceptible to cold. Whatever her drive was for making her dangerous triplets, they became family to her and she would protect them at all costs.

2 The Village, Its People, And The Lycans

The people of this small village were humble pilgrims. They lived a normal life once. Until Miranda found the megamycete hiding underneath their village and began to take control. The villagers had no choice but to bow down to her and do what she said.

This meant allowing her to conduct experiments on them so that she could find a host for her daughter. Of course, regular civilians would never be fit enough to host an infectious creature. This is where the lycans come in.

Lycans are the unfit vessels that didn’t make it. They can’t handle the mold and mutate into werewolf-like creatures. From there, their village began to crumble.

1 The Undead BSAA Soldiers

At the very, very end of the game, Mia and Chris take off in a helicopter. During these scenes, one of Chris’ men realizes that the BSAA soldiers that were sent to the village to help, are undead. Not real men, but mold-infected ones. They start to wonder why.

This may bleed into the story of the next Resident Evil game as Chris tells the pilot to head to BSAA headquarters. The BSAA is an organization that formed to combat the abusive use of bioweapons. Why they are starting to send out their own bioweapons during a mission to subdue bioterrorism is a question for another day.

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